In the world of love,Passed is not importantbut the future isExperienced matter mostrather than painthat we go throughForgiveness is the keyto make love powerfuland not to reproof the wrong doingsDecrease your prideIncrease your understandingvalue and shared love

Find your Purpose

Who or what drives your life? Sometimes we think that until when we live a fiery ball of anger, until when we live in a shadow fear of death, until when we are going to live in a expectations of our family, friends and relatives or all those people who surround us, until when we … Continue reading Find your Purpose

Unsent Goodbye

Midnight of shattering lifeMesmerizing our memoriesHidden deep in my heartTears are overflowing in sadnessRemembering you tonightWhispering in my heartThe calmness that you gaveThrough my darkest daysWondering where are you nowYou leave without any footprintsYou walk away silentlyFor no reasons behindYou left unsaidMy tears drop silentlyWords are falling apartEven my unsent goodbye

Okay Lang

Anong hiwaga ang nababalot sa dalawang salita na “OKAY LANG” ? Madalas natin sagot sa mga tanong na hindi natin alam kung paano sasagutin. Sa likod ng mga salitang OKAY LANG ay mga emosyong pilit na itinatago. Dalawang salita na puno ng hiwaga, Itinatago ang bawat sakit kasabay ang mapanlinlang na mga ngiti. Ngunit ang … Continue reading Okay Lang

Some Things

Some things are need to give upsurrender it and be nostalgicBe grateful and forget it,Some things are;withered like a rosehas ending like a tunneland broken like a diamondSome things are meant foreven if it is not our desireBecause some things are dropped byto teach us not to stopbut put an end toSome things are hurt … Continue reading Some Things

Missing You

You know the feelingof missing someoneyou really missed himbut you have nothing to dobut to stareon his pictureremembering those memoriesand suddenlyyour tears are silentlyflowing like a fountainyou we’re dreaminghoping that he will coming backhugged you and kissed youBut it won’t happened againCozYou’re on the pointthat you can’t owe him anymoreBecause he was owned by someoneand … Continue reading Missing You

My Last Resorts

I never forgetthe day I met youI am amazingly surprisedI can imaginehow I amazedI can’t even speakMy mouth is wateringto taste every inch of youmy mind crossing to different levelI wanna owe youI wanna grab youI wanna kissed you softlyFeel your warmthFeel your amazing breath through meFeel your body and soulBeneath your hardened musclesI feel … Continue reading My Last Resorts

Let Go!!!

We can’t find the answers of our complaint on keep staying. We aren’t shit for we keep on repeating and remembering those stories that should be done at the beginning.Let GO!!!If we needed to respect ourself and forgetting is an optionto restart new lifewithout him.No way out to coming backto repeatyesterday’s memories it’s a memory … Continue reading Let Go!!!


Pagtangis ko’ygaya ng tubig sa ilogrumaragasa at di mapigilandahil sa iyong pamamaalam!Pilitin ko mangpigilin ngunit lalong masakitimpit ng aking pag-iyakay naghuhumiyaw at umalingawngawmga luha’y umagos nang tuluyanNaaalala ko yaongmga kalinga mong tunaypag-aalaga mong sapatat walang makakatumbaskargahin ako sa iyong mga likodtuwing malayo ang lalakarinInaako mo yaong mga kapilyuhan kong gawahanda mong iharang iyong sarilisa patpat … Continue reading Alaala