Lockdown the Whole Province

For I am the LORD who heals you.

Exodus 15:26

When our governor declare a lockdown for the whole province. The first thing I thought was how can we survive each day through this kind of issues. It’s a bit harder to experienced this phenomenon but we have to cooperate for our own safety. A little act has a big portion to contribute on our society. It’s not a selfish act but selfless for the safeties of our nation. Spread discipline act with kindness at heart.

I was in the queue and I observed how people get panic. There main goal is to stock food for their families. They thinking itself alone. Whilst I am busy on phone my mind go on somewhere. Thinking where do people starve on? Are they starving on their spirits too? Do they think God at this moment? Or they have a planned to be more faithful on God while experiencing this dilemma?

We are too busy on preparing for what we eat on the next day. Or do we have a necessary things for the next following days. No one knows where this virus ends. One thing I sure is God never leave us through this battle. He is always on ours to protect and keep shielding on this Virus. He is the best sword for fighting this unseen opponent. It is too hard that we are battling in a situation that we can’t seen our opponent.

For this battle all we can do is to pray. It is our best shield for conquering this virus. We have to fulfill our spiritual needs. Satisfy our God that we are his children. Obey him. God healed his land.


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