Will you choose God’s armor?

A few choices have been laid out in this plan, and there are many more we could explore. The question we now must ask is: how can I consistently make right choices?

From my own experiences, pure gumption, determination and fortitude are great for keeping me on the right path for a few days, or even a few weeks. But my human nature wins out time and again when my personal efforts become exhausted.   

We are in a battle for our hearts, our minds, and our lives. We have a very real enemy out to steal, kill and destroy our good, right choices. He hopes we will default to our own selfish desires. This battle for our hearts and mind is not something we can fight alone! He has given us His armor of protection to daily fight the war if we choose to put it on. We exchange our garments of fear, defeat and wrong thinking for a mighty warrior suit that covers us head to toe. Ephesians 6 tells us to put it on and to stand strong against our enemy.  

He gives us a belt of Truth to hold our beliefs to His standards. He gives a breastplate of His righteousness to protect our heart, which will also protect our words. Our feet are covered with his gospel of peace because He is Peace. He hands us a strong shield of faith to protect us from the fiery arrows meant to defeat us. He gives us a helmet of salvation to surround our mind from the onslaught of lies. He gives us the sword of the Spirit which is His constant presence and His powerful Word which divides right from wrong, light from darkness, and truth from lies. And finally, He invites us into a relationship of constant prayer.

His strength is abundant, never-ending, and overflowing. He asks for open hearts to receive the life-giving flood of His Spirit. We are conduits of that mighty power, and, because of Him we can give and give more, and keep giving, never running dry. His presence and power enables us to choose His way, a way of freedom and liberty lived within the boundaries of His goodness.

Will you retreat from the enemy, defaulting to your human nature, or stand firm and strong against him, choosing truth and righteousness? Suit up, brave one! God has you and He is enough!

Choose the armor of God, so you can stand strong against the enemy.


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