Against Sadness

The head of the head
In A Soft Pillow,
Body loss
On your bed
Is not a sign
of deep sleep,

This is the beginning of the war,
Fighting for the memories
Trying to enter your mind.
To deal with sadness,
Trade of bullet in sadness,
It’s going to be hit by the
It will drown in the depth of fear.

Until the blood drops
But Color Salt water.
Rain of disappointment
There is no one who will be able to
Lay down and give up
Will remain the flaw.

And the wounds will only be healed
When the eyes are in time
Is opened.
Will be filled with fun
The heavy carry on
Because of the relief to receive
That was given by the morning.

But should not be able to be able
Because it is temporary.
The setting day is a message
This is a warning.

Because it’s time the sky is dark
And the silence is munch
Try man to escape
Going to start and still start
The War.

You are the only one
Against sadness.

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