Love Conquers All

When we talk about love there’s a lot of things we have to consider. Love is not just a four letters it is an action that we have to show on a persons we love. Sometimes love might hurt us but it will give us the clear vision through our relationship we have to our love ones. Love has broad topic that each of us can do anything just to prove that we love most our love ones. Hence love may get us blinded we can’t see the mistakes or the sins that our loves go through. We always defends on what they feel because we don’t want to hurt them sometimes we forget to love ourself. Then we assure that we can give everything and we want them happy as we can.

There is different of love that we consider, love for our country, family, friends or special someone. Sometimes they are our inspiration to be a successful one we can be. We might feel that we are going to give up upon aiming our dreams to success but if we think of our love ones we have a power to conquer and continue for fulfilling it. As we can see that loves give us the gigantic power to hold on and surpass for what we started. It shows that love is not just an emotions but it is the way for not giving up for someone’s and continue to bloom for the vibrant of love. Because giving up is never a choice if you really love the person or it is really a part of your life that you want to share your life for the rest of life.

“Love conquers all.” It is proven and tested. God prove us that love conquers all. God sacrifices his son to show His love for us. He saved us from our sins. God truly love us he always knock on our heart, carry when we are sick and embrace us when we are alone. We always seek for true love, we can’t see that God love us. But if we can see our daily life style, waking up in the morning is really a miracle that happens on our life that God given to us. It shows that on our daily life God really love we just need to open our heart and let God be the center of life and surrender our life to Him.


  1. SnowHearT says:

    Yeah ,,,👍❤️


  2. Amor vincit omnia

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  3. SnowHearT says:

    I agree ☝️ thanks for your reaction. It’s clearly said that you see the essence of love 💗

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  4. Matt P says:

    I agree. Love is beyond just a feeling. I mean, the sparks and the butterflies, they go away with time. And if you focus on the feeling, you’d think you’ve fallen out of love when they go.

    Love is a choice. It is in our choice to nurture the love we have for someone. It is also our choice to give up, to sever the bond.

    With love comes a power that can conquer yet can also defeat those who lose themselves to the feeling. Love can be beautiful, and making better choices would help us to harness its power to conquer everything.

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