My Thoughts 💭

I was alone at my room while writing ✍️ this. I wanna write what’s on my mind now. Don’t bother to read it anyway. Oh you keep on reading 📖 this,,,anyway thank you 😊 I really appreciate. Maybe you’re now thinking who am I or where it goes. It’s a no edit, no drafts, just my thoughts 💭 on my head now. Why I penned this kind of scenarios? I know it is nonsense but make it is sense. Let’s just share those words that puzzling 🤔 on our mind when we are alone or when we wanted to be solitude sometimes.

Oh! ,,, thank you 😊 if you keep on reading 📖 wanna know what’s on my head under this dark room. Yes, I am thinking when do this pandemic ends? How (us/we) people fighting for this dilemma? If people could get the reasons why this happens all over the world 🌍? It is enough that we did our part to follow the rules and regulations that provide by the leaders of each countries? You as an individual how can you fight this dilemma? What would be the world 🌍 in the next days, weeks, months or years when this pandemic won’t end immediately? Are you thinking 🤔 that it is God punishment to us?

That’s are the questions currently going on my mind now. It’s so crazy 😜. One thing I know to help our world is to pray and have faith to heal by our creator.

Share your thoughts 💭

❤️❤️❤️ SnowHeart


  1. Kath Faller says:

    Hi! I don’t have the answer as to why and how this is happening. Nor do I have the answer to when this will end. But I’d just like to say, stay strong. Keep your mind busy. Maybe practice yoga, hangout with your family more. Reach out to friends who may or may not be struggling due to the quarantine/lockdown. Stay healthy, physically and mentally. And yes, pray. Everything’s gonna be okay! x

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