Moving Forward

Had you questions;
what your life would be?
What it is like?
how we live on it?
Do we live on it?
when do we live on it?

Each day passed some of us live simply,
some of us live in a comfortable place.
some are on the streets,
some are on the mountains,
some are on the isolated islands.

Behind of things we had,
we keep on demanding,
we keep on yelling,
we never contented,
on things we have.

Our life is like a stairway,
there’s ups and down,
we have an option to continue or not,
we have an option to choose,
we always choose to move forward.

In this world;
if you stop, you lost
if you quit, you’re loser
if you keep on fighting, you’re a fighter
you’re a winner if you keep on battling.

we struggle so much,
we experienced pain and troubles,
we’re tired too,
we lost our control too,
we failed miserably,

But we choose to move forward
on a stairway of life,
we choose to climb on it,
we choose to be a warrior,
Coz behind of our doing,
we received an amazing reward.

While we keep on moving forward;
we amazingly received a reward,
we are greatly getting strong,
we’re fighter of our own life,
Moving forward is a SUCCESS!


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