Who am I

I am on a mission for greatness
greater than any man/woman could imagine
My soul craves perfection from my ancestors who stood before me.

I stand tall and erect
my confidence emanating
Honing my tools of intelligence
to hold power in my hands
I have failed a thousand times to get it right once and I have dreamed a thousand dreams to make reality.

Beauty you see on my face.
Beauty you see within me?
I am the commander of my fate;
I am the master of my soul
With God’s footprints leading my way.
I am in control.

Many ask why I do things the way I do
I am not a common woman,
and it’s my right to be distinctive should I choose to be.

However, I live humble
never to judge.

The challenge that I seek,
is the guarantee of a stronger me
that it will be fulfilled despite the clutched bludgeoning.
I am who I am
and I must continue
to grow in matters and forms.
Like a jigsaw you try to figure me out.

However, my uniqueness
is only for those close to unfold
My heart beats slowly
to grasp the existence of time
my lungs breathe in the count of eight
to realize the grasp of life.

Evolving is the stages of life
and to thine own self be true.

Understanding and grasping reality is learning and the challenge I have overcome.
To not live through others,
but through me,

I am on a mission for greatness
greater than any man/woman could imagine
With my head held high and my wings splayed.


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    Thank you , Paul 🤗


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