Looking at the window
Waiting for you dear
It takes days
days become weeks
weeks becomes months
months becomes years
years becomes decades

Here I am,,,
still waiting for you
Glimpse me on my shady days
Please, Oh! Dear,
I was longing for you
I don’t know where you are
Still I am holding your promise
it is my resting heart
when I am about to give up
Your promises echoing into my ears
shouting your voice loudly
deep through my hearts

Oh, Dear! you know,,
How I missed you really,
Please glimpse me
to ease my loneliness
and wipes my tears
with your warm hand
softened my heart
I missed your hugs
it is my daily dose of comfort
Your smile is my repellent
on my moody swayed upside and down
You are the best view I had.

So, Dear! Glimpse me once
and feel me that you’re here
Brush my hair when I slept
Let’s sway on the swing together
Let’s walk on the breezy beach
and leave our footprints
Let’s dance under the rain
enjoy every drops that falling
Eat together in a view deck
while witnessing the sunrise
These are the memories
that would be an antique memoirs
to treasure forever
while waiting you dear.


  1. Sounds like me when the Greyhound is twelve hours late and pulls in after I’ve given up hope.
    (Kidding. I think we’ve all been here at one time or another.)

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  2. SnowHearT says:

    Yeah, sure ❤️

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  3. DonSam D Legend says:

    Please follow my blog. Thanks a bunch

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  4. DonSam D Legend says:


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  5. SnowHearT says:

    Yeah it is, one of a kind paradise to be called.


  6. DonSam D Legend says:

    Your home town is beautiful

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  7. SnowHearT says:

    Awe, thank you 😊 that was capture by one of my friend it is in our hometown.

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  8. DonSam D Legend says:

    I love this. Please, how do u get your pictures? They are so attractive

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  9. Seraja says:


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  10. SnowHearT says:

    Glad you like it Muskan ❤️
    Thank you for stopping by.


  11. SnowHearT says:

    Awe,,,Thank you so much 😊❤️❤️❤️


  12. SnowHearT says:

    Thank you Harsh 😊❤️👍

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  13. SnowHearT says:


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  14. Seraja says:


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  15. Oh. So heartbreakingly good . Loved it

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  16. Very beautiful SnowHeart 😍😍

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  17. Harsh says:


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  18. Judy Kim says:

    You’re very welcome my friend ❤️🤗

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  19. SnowHearT says:

    ❤️ 💜


  20. SnowHearT says:

    Hanggang alaala nalang po 💔

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  21. michnavs says:

    Oh my dear, the longing here is undeniable..💔

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  22. 😇u are welcome

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  23. SnowHearT says:

    Thank you 😊 Pius 💗👍🤗


  24. SnowHearT says:

    Thank you Judy ❤️

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  25. Judy Kim says:

    This is so beautiful💖🌿🌸🌷

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  26. Nathi says:

    Always my pleasure 😇

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  27. SnowHearT says:

    Thank you 😊 Nathi ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Nathi says:

    I can feel the yearning and ache through your words….beautiful💕

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