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Being a Softhearted

Because of your weakness
you end up on crying
your emotions.

It’s too hard
to burst into tears

Everything ends up on tears

If you’re mad
or you get annoyed
tears are immediately
falling down like a rains

No more words
because you know it
with your self
that you gotta cry

If they disrespect you
you are very silent
and end in tears

Even the closes persons
tells you a hard word
you’re like
cutting an unions

Your tears are so shallow
Even a simple things
makes you cry.

Being softhearted is not easy.
You may think that it’s weakness
But there’s a courageous on it
You choose not to heart someone else
You choose to hide it in your tears
Cry your emotions
Instead of arguing back.
You’re heart sinks
But you respected them
You’re heavy heart
Spoke thru busting tears
You’re heart is ripping off
for a reasons that simple for others
but for you it is so crucial.

It is you a softhearted one.
Expressing love through tears.

34 thoughts on “Being a Softhearted

  1. Its okay to cry . Its okay to show your true color, they say..but know that after the tears make sure you wipe them off, get up, get back and stand tall and proud..

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  2. Being softhearted isn’t a bad thing. Infact, it’s actually a blessing! We must look at it that way, instead of being so negative towards it.

    This is truly touching!❤️❤️

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  3. Your tears are so shallow
    Even a simple things
    makes you cry.

    This is me crying every time watching “10 ways your dog loves you” and I think in the corner of my room, “HE DOES LOVE ME” hahaha ganda!

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  4. I have always been like that, at some point i tried so hard to fight it but its a battle I haven’t been able to win, eventually i stopped fighting it. Everything moves my heart, everything triggers my tears. When am too happy i express in tears, too sad, tears roll out, everything i express in tears.

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  5. The softhearted soul reveals her heart directly without the intermediation of words. There is real beauty in that kind of emotional and spiritual vulnerability, for that person is unabashedly who she is. It may be difficult for other to see the tears flow so easily, but they should try to empathize with the softhearted soul.

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