58 thoughts on “Don’t Quit

  1. Mangyayari rin yon hahaha tiwala lang tayo sa plano ng diyos sa atin hahaha. Darating rin yan, baka na traffic, baka naharang nung dumaan na eroplano kaya na delay. lol

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  2. Ohh!! Wow Lyn! It was the work worth reading. Thank you for sharing, really.💜💜
    Hope you are able to cope up with what you are going through. Wish you all the strength and support,dear.✨

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  3. You will be able to put all of your thoughts into piece soon. Allow yourself to breathe. You can do it!

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  4. Same hindi ko na rin alam ang isusulat ko. Kala ko madali lang mag blog pero hindi pala hahahaa. Kaya mo yan. Kaya natin yan. Darating rin ang inspirasyong inaasam.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this poem here! I needed it❤️ Also, don’t worry, SnowHeart, the words’ll come to you and you’ll able to put your ideas or emotions to words again!!

    Take care!

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