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Some Things

Some things are need to give up
surrender it and be nostalgic
Be grateful and forget it,

Some things are;
withered like a rose
has ending like a tunnel
and broken like a diamond

Some things are meant for
even if it is not our desire

Because some things are dropped by
to teach us not to stop
but put an end to

Some things are hurt us
even we don’t want it

Some things are have to put a period
rather to happens it over and over again

Things after a long period of time
You can look back on it
Like a children’s laughter
And leave it on the past.

32 thoughts on “Some Things

  1. At 61, that 🧩 within the maze of memories is still a paradox for many to decipher the Enigma holding the πŸ”‘ to the Axis’ coding and lest we forget Thank those Navajos for being Code Breakers; erstwhile ignored contributions by men AND WOMEN! Where are the Riveters? Hues don’t matter what does Is Production! The War brought USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United by distress Today You’d Think We All Do The Same but that πŸ‘¨ man?

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