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In the world of love,
Past is not important
but the future is

Experienced matter most
rather than pain
that we go through

Forgiveness is the key
to make love powerful
and not to reproof the wrong doings

Decrease your pride
Increase your understanding
value and shared love

32 thoughts on “Love

  1. Yeah, you’re right Naana ❤️we can’t change the pass but we can live and enjoy the present and we can prepare for the future. It is matter of our choice.

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  2. “Pride goeth before the fall,” as Proverbs states, though love raises us.

    It is forgiveness that makes us heightened. Though, pride will be the thing that makes us stand on two glass legs, so fragile, as we believe we are strong.

    We are never strong, when prideful. We imagine strength, when doing everything, alone.

    Pain, I believe, should be gotten past, so then strength remains. When a person is no longer in fear, that is when strength begins.

    Good poem. It brings along many thoughts. 🙂

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