Your Promises

Heard your words
Make me feel worthy
Your words is my law
Make me feel secure.

You open my heart
Using your key
I entrusted it to you
My life and my soul.

The wavelengths
Of your pavements
Is crossing the borders
Towards me with love.

Your promised forever
Always be my strength
To put my trusts on you
I always love you.

I appreciate every single
Act you’ve done to show it
You make my world shine
Gives me hope.

The Blooms of Nature

The essence of gratitude;
Express the blooms of attitude.
Emits the nation of success;
Emerging the progress.

Looking for the picture;
Shows the beauty of gesture.
Embrace the nature;
For the will of future.

Creates the community;
And brings the nationality.
Teach the youth;
To embrace their worth.

Let us show to the world;
That we are genuine gold.
To show the importance;
And value the acceptance.

Let us value our nature;
Witness the blooms of aperture.
It’s refinement makes it perfect;
And astonish is the effect.


Who Made You

who made you feel this way?
like your heart’s too heavy
and all its soft parts
are gone?

who made you feel
like this toxic thing
like no one
wants you
and you don’t belong?

who made you feel
like your scars
aren’t beautiful
and your baggage
isn’t worth carrying?

Keep Going

What’s done is done. What’s gone is gone. One of life’s lessons is always moving on. It’s okay to look back to see how far you’ve come but keep moving forward.

-Roy T. Bennett

In life as we experienced struggles like pain, heartaches and failures our thinking is to give up. Because we afraid for same mistakes again happens. Sometimes we always forget the lessons for what we’ve done before why we experienced so much pain or heartaches. If we failed we always think that we are failure, that we are weak, or the worst is brainless. We surrounded most our life of boundaries that we can’t move forward. We sets life to be more focused on negatives instead of focusing on positives, lessons and move forward.

As we struggling so much, we have to be more optimistic to move forward. If we are tired, rest but never quit. Quitting is never an option to survive and lead your life to success. Move forward for aiming our goals and success. Let go of failures and start again with more power and courage. And also believing on yourself that you can win every battles you have.

KEEP GOING !!! Let it be the signage in our life if we failed. Keep going to win your victory and share the positivity to everyone. Keep going and be an inspiration to everyone. Your story tells more uniqueness that you can teach to your society. Keep going to go far and be a traveler of this universe. Keep going until you find the real happiness. Show to the world that there is no room for quitting. We have our own unique path that we can understand and learn to live with it.


Choose Faith over Fear

“What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?”

-Matthew 8:27

Think about the disciples hanging out with Jesus on a boat when a life-threatening storm erupts on the water. They’re unprepared to face it and, panicking, realize they might die. The entire time this is happening, Jesus is sleeping peacefully.

Instead of looking at Jesus’ reaction to their situation, the disciples allowed their situation to dictate their reactions.

After begging Jesus to do something, He calms the storm… But not before asking them, “Why are you afraid?”

His gentle rebuke over their lack of faith wasn’t because they didn’t believe Jesus could save them from the storm, but because they struggled to believe He would see them through it.

When we find ourselves in storms we can’t control, how do we respond with faith? Here are three encouraging truths to remember:

  1. God has power over every storm.

If the wind and waves don’t concern Him, then they shouldn’t frighten you. You might not be able to change your situation, but you can choose to faithfully trust God in the middle of it.

  1. Fixing your eyes on Jesus leads to peace.

Are you looking at the size of the storm, or turning towards the One who can calm it? It’s only by focusing on God, who knows every outcome, that you can navigate any situation with His wisdom and peace.

  1. Jesus is always in your boat.

It’s easy to focus on your fears when you can’t control your future. But thankfully, Jesus knows your future, and He’s always by your side. And, He calls you to live by faith, not by sight.

Whenever you find yourself overwhelmed by life, you always have two choices: you can focus on your circumstances, or fix your eyes on Jesus.

If you choose to look to Jesus above everything else, you will begin to see that the storms you face are not nearly as powerful as the Savior choosing to walk through the storm alongside you.

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