Your Promises

Heard your wordsMake me feel worthyYour words is my lawMake me feel secure.You open my heartUsing your keyI entrusted it to youMy life and my soul.The wavelengthsOf your pavementsIs crossing the bordersTowards me with love.Your promised foreverAlways be my strengthTo put my trusts on youI always love you.I appreciate every singleAct you’ve done to show … Continue reading Your Promises

The Blooms of Nature

The essence of gratitude;Express the blooms of attitude.Emits the nation of success;Emerging the progress.Looking for the picture;Shows the beauty of gesture.Embrace the nature;For the will of future.Creates the community;And brings the nationality.Teach the youth;To embrace their worth.Let us show to the world;That we are genuine gold.To show the importance;And value the acceptance.Let us value our … Continue reading The Blooms of Nature