I don’t understand why I always failed

I don’t know the reasons behind of my failures.

Sometimes, I think I am so weak, brainless, and worst existence in this world is a failure. So many questions runs on my mind, I don’t understand everything on it.


I always questioned myself,,,why? Then myself left me alone, quite in a dark place. I can’t even understand what’s going on. All I know if I am in a dark no one sees my failures, no one judge my failures, no one compares my deeds to everyone, no one mentioned my mistakes, and of course no one sees my tears.

They don’t know….

They don’t know I am so tired of being mistreated. Why they don’t see my strength? Why they don’t trust me once to prove that I can take from that fiasco? Why don’t let me to prove failures are just a lessons to teach us not a word to describe one person and degrade it. You do nothing but put me in a jail of fiasco. You don’t even give me a chance.


My life doesn’t depends on you always. I have my own life to view every single details happens to me. I can shine from my failures. I can shine alone unto darkness that you build on me. I can bright like a diamonds shimmering unto your casket. My dreams wasn’t your. I can be the light of my life through my journey.

God’s Love and Mercy

(1) Our Vision in life can be impaired and clouded by many things.
(2) Our Vision in life can be repaired and recovered by God’s grace.

  • There is more to life than this life. It is ETERNITY.
  • The most important vision is SPIRITUAL VISION – the ability to see life and everything in light of God’s word, His will and and in view of His eternal purposes.
  • The biggest picture in life is GOD, His WORD and His ETERNAL PURPOSE.
  • Don’t interpret the seasons in your life as though it is everything. Don’t interpret life through your pain. Rather, INTERPRET YOUR LIFE IN LIGHT OF GOD’s PURPOSES.
  • Stay safe. STAY IN FAITH.
  • The attacks of the enemy are meant to CHALLENGE OUR FAITH AND LOYALTY TO GOD.
  • When we are impaired in our spiritual vision, IT LIMITS US. We can no longer see clearly. Our commitment to God is affected.
  • Our vision in life is clarified when WE SEEK GOD.
  • If you have frustrations, BRING THEM TO GOD.
  • A REAL YOU IS INSIDE YOU. God has put eternity in the hearts of men.
  • The love and mercy of God is FREE FOR ALL. Would you avail it?

In this time that most people fear Covid19, we are desperate to avail alcohol, face masks and medicines. That we forget the most important thing to avail.

SALVATION (God’s love and mercy). It is free. Receive it.





Strong Souls

How can we define people on level of strength? Having a good soul. How they cope up from their pains? Having a good heart in battling of pains.

As life goes on,,,we don’t know what make us to keep strong beyond of our failures. What we can do us we struggle on such pains to cause us to give on this world sometimes? It is a matter of keeping standstill behind the bars of frustrations. Level ourselves as the mightiest people on this world. We can survive every battle.

For every pain that we struggling in gives us strength to move forward until we got a victory. The bravest things we can do is to win for our pains. Find the beauty of it. Behind every scars are your attitude to fight on it. And it is amazing that you succeed it. It is molding you to keep your souls strong and keep going behind of failures. Behind of your failures are you strength to get up and try again, never give up until you conquer it.

It’s clearly amazing that for every pains we got makes your souls brave and strong in every situation. It is you and your attitude to cope and handle for every pains.

Love Conquers All

When we talk about love there’s a lot of things we have to consider. Love is not just a four letters it is an action that we have to show on a persons we love. Sometimes love might hurt us but it will give us the clear vision through our relationship we have to our love ones. Love has broad topic that each of us can do anything just to prove that we love most our love ones. Hence love may get us blinded we can’t see the mistakes or the sins that our loves go through. We always defends on what they feel because we don’t want to hurt them sometimes we forget to love ourself. Then we assure that we can give everything and we want them happy as we can.

There is different of love that we consider, love for our country, family, friends or special someone. Sometimes they are our inspiration to be a successful one we can be. We might feel that we are going to give up upon aiming our dreams to success but if we think of our love ones we have a power to conquer and continue for fulfilling it. As we can see that loves give us the gigantic power to hold on and surpass for what we started. It shows that love is not just an emotions but it is the way for not giving up for someone’s and continue to bloom for the vibrant of love. Because giving up is never a choice if you really love the person or it is really a part of your life that you want to share your life for the rest of life.

“Love conquers all.” It is proven and tested. God prove us that love conquers all. God sacrifices his son to show His love for us. He saved us from our sins. God truly love us he always knock on our heart, carry when we are sick and embrace us when we are alone. We always seek for true love, we can’t see that God love us. But if we can see our daily life style, waking up in the morning is really a miracle that happens on our life that God given to us. It shows that on our daily life God really love we just need to open our heart and let God be the center of life and surrender our life to Him.