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Your Promises

I loved how you inked your promise
As you give me hope everyday
Your way to touch my soul
Endearing your promise

I loved how you castle your promise
As you moved the mountains
Crossing the oceans bravery
Building your promise

I loved how you strive hard
For your promises to me
To make me happy each day
Acquiring your promises

You know what is hurt in your promises
You painted, because you promised it
Not because you wants to grant it
You want to prove your promises
Not because you love it
But to colored what you paint.

Dull in a picture,
Like your promises, no texture
Full of hidden pain
Because promises,,,
Are meant to be broken,
Not meant to be fulfilled.

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Mysterious Door

There are times we treat life
like a mysterious door
It doesn't open no matter 
how hard we push it.

We never noticed that a huge
sign posted there that reads


same thing with life;

We struggle.
We push.

We push harder until;
we tired

We forget that there's
a better way:


God planned our lives to be wonderful.
Lift it up to HIM.

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Mananatili ba akong isang alaala,
Na nakaukit sa iyong isapa’t
hindi mawawala?

O madali mo lang akong iwawaglit,
Na parang sa puso mo’y
kailanma’y hindi nakaukit?
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Life Lessons

Life is journey
with lots
and lots of waiting.

We need to enjoy that journey;
to relish
to tastes
to celebrate
and breath

in all detours
all craziness
all misfires
and bruises.

Everything that happens
in life are LESSONS.
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Life is not about being angry, getting revenge, and being mean to people that have been mean to you. That’s a shallow way to live. Instead, lift someone up that’s pushed you down.


The sweetest revenge is love instead of being angry 😤. Loving your enemy is the hardest one but if we can’t, we can pray to subside our emotions and let love conquer our anger. Be an inspiration to others. Be part of a solutions in every problems. Life would be the hardest but it is the most enjoyable we can have. Live with it simple, happy and enjoyable. You can live more not ones but dying is only ones. So take care of ourselves, love it.