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Your Promises

I loved how you inked your promise
As you give me hope everyday
Your way to touch my soul
Endearing your promise

I loved how you castle your promise
As you moved the mountains
Crossing the oceans bravery
Building your promise

I loved how you strive hard
For your promises to me
To make me happy each day
Acquiring your promises

You know what is hurt in your promises
You painted, because you promised it
Not because you wants to grant it
You want to prove your promises
Not because you love it
But to colored what you paint.

Dull in a picture,
Like your promises, no texture
Full of hidden pain
Because promises,,,
Are meant to be broken,
Not meant to be fulfilled.

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Imaginary You

I keep on praying

that you’ll come at the right time

to begin our life

to shower our love firmly

and have reasons to stay.


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We refuse for things
happens that we can’t control
blaming ourselves for
it is our destination
through our timelines written on.

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Sweet Lie

Your sweet lie can’t hide
it is giving me a hint
what is going on
it is your surprise for me
to express your love always.

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Bloom Alone

I don’t need someone
to bloom on this universe
I am here for me
I can bloom alone after
From the darkness of shadow.

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Capture the image
saving memories of ours
to treasures for life
and cherish it forever
Keeping through our hearts always.

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I can’t hide my pain
but you need to leave for us
to weave our purpose
to set our goals for future
so we can live together.


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you witnessed my aches
you heard me sobbing deeply
you feel my tears on
you cast my inner feelings
you’re my pillows comforts me

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The clock is ticking
remind us that time is real
share your time on them
create memories with them
and appreciate love still.