Fund for my Uncle

This is not a blog. I just wanna ask some help to fund donation for the operation of my Uncle who is in really bad situation right now. He is really a great father of 10kids. In be half of my relatives I just wanna thanks in advance for those who are willing to donate … Continue reading Fund for my Uncle

Forever Tomorrow

you are my paradise that I met from nowhere gives me a light from distant my darkened shadow fade away and ignite golden lightyou gave me hope to fill the crave of sunshine immense the waves of oceans feel the fine sand on the beach bestowed it’s gloomy pebbles you are my paradise that I … Continue reading Forever Tomorrow

Choose Someone who Choose You

Choose someone who wins your heart Choose someone who sees your worthSomeone that won't dismiss and not to bear you Someone that understands and appreciate you.Choose someone who stays and grow with youChoose someone who lay the foundations with youChoose someone who choose you.


an electronic mailto send my virtualhugs to you, dearan electronic mailto feel your warmand feel your armsan electronic mailto send my emotionsand feel me importantan electronic mailto feel me not aloneand you are therean electronic mailto touch my heartand ignite my soulan electronic mailto holds our foreverand keep your promiseuntil we meetand start to webour … Continue reading E-mail


When I learnedto wait,Why you didn’t come?When I learnedto be patient,Why you give up?When I learnedto love you,Why you shun?When you knowI loved you,Why you loved someone? This is an English version of “Bakit”. More power and Godbless. Keep safe always. - SnowHearT


Bakiit kung kailan natutoakong maghintayhindi ka dumating?Bakit kung kailan natutoakong magtiisdoon ka sumuko?Baki kung kailan natutunankitang mahalindun ka lumayo?Bakit kung kailanmahal na kitasaka ka nagmahal ng iba?


Freedomis our selfdomto expressed our boredomin the queen of kingdomto raise our randomthoughts in seldomwisdom.Freedomis everyone geekdomto own our earldomand not to be a beggardombut be a masterdomof our villadomheirdom.