You’re not an Accident

Nothing happens to the child of God by accident. Each item is planned by the Father. We accept the circumstances as guideposts in the direction of His leading. In driving, the red lights are just as important for guidance as the green lights. In guidance, a mitigating circumstance may be a stop light, while we … Continue reading You’re not an Accident

Don’t Quit

I read this poem and surely it has impact on me. I am struggling what to write lately. I wish I can handle it well. The words are swaying on my mind but don’t have a guts to write it and put them in order. 😐😐😐

God Invented Tomorrow

Some lessons are best learned through the pain.Sometimes our vission is clear only after our eyes has been washed with tears,;Sometimes we have to be broken so we can be whole again,If GOD meant the day to be perfect.He would not have invented tomorrow.


You are abandonedAnd alone in darknessYou heard your footstepsWalking to the absence of lightYou heard yourself cryingSobbing into tearsFinding for accompanyBut no one is thereIt's just you in wildernessShouting your silenceLonging for someoneBut no one is comingYour eyes is blindYou never seen the majestyThe blanket that prepares on youTo comfort you from wildernessYou are in … Continue reading Wilderness


Ikaw ang dahilanKaya kwaderno koay may laman,Ikaw ang dahilanKaya pluma’ydumadaloy ang tintaIkaw ang dahilanKaya bawat tintaay may mga salita.Ikaw ang dahilanKaya bawat salitaay puno ng hiwagaIkaw ang dahilanKaya bawat hiwagaay mananatiling lihimIkaw ang dahilanKaya bawat lihimay inaakalang dusaIkaw ang dahilanKaya bawat dusaay itinatagong pilitIkaw ang dahilanKaya pilit kong itinatagosa kwaderno ang iyong imahe.

It Would be US!!!

Let me walk with youSearching for newLiving with youIs my new lifeto spend for the resttest our love sharedrain or shineit would be uswalking for the sunshineholding handsthrough shady lifeit would be usliving life togetherfor better and worstit would be ussearching for its momentas we needed passes bywalking through our journeythere’s a lot timemaking our … Continue reading It Would be US!!!

Being a Softhearted

Because of your weaknessyou end up on cryingyour emotions.It’s too hardto burst into tearsEverything ends up on tearsIf you’re mador you get annoyedtears are immediatelyfalling down like a rainsNo more wordsbecause you know itwith your selfthat you gotta cryIf they disrespect youyou are very silentand end in tearsEven the closes personstells you a hard wordyou’re … Continue reading Being a Softhearted