Noise of Silence

Being a shy type person
don’t know how to create a noise
always distant myself
Being alone is heaven for me

Silence is my strength
To shout my emotions
Creating my noise in silence
Is magic to me

Silence makes me loud
To shout my pains
It is a healer for me
Wounds healed through silence

Silence has an inner peace
Where the noise is present
To hear my heart’s echoes
And feel every beat

Noise of silence is harmful
It will destroy you
Deeper through your mind and soul
To feel your wounds

Create my noise through my silence
Is wonderful I make
To prove that I can rock my world
Enough to disturbs you

And know that I exists
I can be who am I
My silence was my noise
That you can be called

Vincent Ehindero Awards!!!

Victor Ohinero Awards

Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award!!!

I would like to thank Praise Adesina for nominating on me for this Vincent Ehindero Awards!!! I am so grateful for choosing on me for this award.

Anyway guys kindly checked Praise Adesina blogged that shares positivity of lifestyle and you’ll be having a mouth watering on foods that she shared. Her site is new but she has a prowess to share positivity and aura on her futile blogs.

Blogging is an amazing journey that you can start with. It is not just a words but it has an essence to empower every readers and maybe it has a power to change the mindset of readers. It is the milestones of journey that we can share to everyone. We have a prowess to hold our pen and stroke it to create noise through our silence.

The Rules For Award:

  1. Display the blog award log in your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and add their blog website: MRS. T’S CORNER ; Praise Adesina
  3. Answer the questions they have given you.
  4. Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers of your choice and inform them on one of their blog post.
  5. Ask them 7 questions.

Questions For Nominees If They Choose To Participate Are:

  1. How were you inspired to start blogging?
  2. How to you spend time relaxing?
  3. What country to you live in?
  4. What are two of your favorite blogging topics?
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. How often do you blog?
  7. Are you a great cook?

My Answers:

  1. I don’t have any idea on blogging but makes me inspired to blogs are people who believes on me and they’re my friends.
  2. I spend time most on reading blogs, create poems or sometimes daydreaming. I love imagining so much to create more ideas to share on you guys.
  3. I am living in the PHILIPPINES that has a tagline “IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.”
  4. Life and Brokenness
  5. Any Filipino foods.
  6. I do daily now. I published everytime I’ve done it.
  7. I am not a great cook either but I can do cooking.

My Nominees:

Prison of Expectations

You have to be good, that’s not enough
You do great better than them
You’re more talented than everyone
Create your self to be sturdy

I am created by their expectations
I am created by everyone want I am to be
I am created by their words
Myself wasn’t enough for them

I can’t be who I am
I am nurtured by their expectations
I don’t know myself was
Failing them has no room

I am a prisoner of their expectations
I am afraid to failed because of them
I always think of what they say
Failing them is like a poison

I can’t be who I am
I can’t do what I want
I can’t make my life
The way I want

It is truly
saddened my life
I don’t even
really know myself.

I wanna be free
to dwell myself
Live on my prowess
to create my life.

Mold it !!!
on my pottery
Hold it !!!
with my iron hand.


I don’t wanna live
and prisons
on their

Aim High

Pursue your dreams,
Conquer every struggles
Failings are no rooms,
it is an aspiration.

Life is guided of inspiration;
Strive hard for dreams.
Your journey may tumble,
uplift and stays strong.

Sacrifices will prevail and reigns;
hold a piece of hope.
have faith for your dreams,
Behold and brave to surpass it.

Weave for your dreams,
With strong and self-confidence.
Accept every failures;
and be brave to nurture your future.

Because opportunities comes unsure;
knocking in door of hopes.
So, continue to weave,
and achieve success of life.


To all dreamers!!! Follow your heart ❤️ continue to dream big! Strive for your success. The path of your journey is in your hand. You are the captain of your own ship. The driver of your car. The pilot of your own chopper. So don’t be hurry , just enjoy your life while aiming for your success.



To my 1000 followers and fellow bloggers (Poets, Writers and etc…) !!!

Hello, good day to everyone!!!

I wanna expressed my heartfelt gratitude for empowering me to write and share thoughts here on WordPress. Although I always have a hesitation to continue my prowess in writing ✍️ and sharing stories, poem and poetry. I am not really good as everyone does. I am not that poetic nor I always write and from my hearts 💕. I can’t be the best I can if no one believes in me (myself am one to believe in what I had) and to everyone you (guys) thank for the encouraging words to improve my writings.

It’s really a big challenge to me to write because I am not that really good in English. And until now I have to improve and keep on learning English language so everyone can understand it. But I do believe that through our hearts, ourthoughts and words understand it.

Anyway guys, thank you for keeping on supporting on me through this life journey that I wanna be in my life. Sharing words!!! I am not a poet, but I can write from my heart.

Again thank you!

No words 😶 can express how lucky I am to meet new friends here.

God bless much love and more power !!!

God bless your heart !!!

I LOVE YOU all!!!

Mahal ko kayo ❤️❤️❤️