Find your Purpose

Who or what drives your life?

Sometimes we think that until when we live a fiery ball of anger, until when we live in a shadow fear of death, until when we are going to live in a expectations of our family, friends and relatives or all those people who surround us, until when we live for our wants on this world for everything we want to have in our hand like our smartphones, new model of car, clothes or anything that we want. It is our happiness. It’s gives satisfaction and pleasure for ourselves. In the sense that we forgot that these are the things that make us away from God. We are blind for this thing materialistic. We never know that our feelings and emotions are far from God because we are more focus on things that surrounds us.

Until when we’re going to live on the past. We cannot keep walking forward coz we always wanted back and stay for our past. Cry like a river until no more tears coming out. It’s all give us shits, pain and heartaches in our life.

Better to know your purpose from our God, live our life with Him. He is our greatest armor that we can lean on. God values you because you are His child. Find your purpose in life. He loves you more than you know.

You know what is greatest tragedy in life? It is not death but not knowing the purpose of your life in this world.


You, Lord give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you.

Isaiah 26:3 (TEV)

Don’t force your life to drive by others let God be the captain of your life.


Unsent Goodbye

Midnight of shattering life
Mesmerizing our memories
Hidden deep in my heart
Tears are overflowing in sadness

Remembering you tonight
Whispering in my heart
The calmness that you gave
Through my darkest days

Wondering where are you now
You leave without any footprints
You walk away silently
For no reasons behind

You left unsaid
My tears drop silently
Words are falling apart
Even my unsent goodbye

Okay Lang

Anong hiwaga ang nababalot sa dalawang salita na “OKAY LANG” ?

Madalas natin sagot sa mga tanong na hindi natin alam kung paano sasagutin.

Sa likod ng mga salitang OKAY LANG ay mga emosyong pilit na itinatago.

Dalawang salita na puno ng hiwaga,

Itinatago ang bawat sakit kasabay ang mapanlinlang na mga ngiti.

Ngunit ang mga mata ay tunay na tapat kusang papatak ang mga luhang nagbabadya.

Okay lang kahit di mo alam kung paano nga ba magiging okay sa likod ng mga salitang Okay Lang.

At ang mga salitang OKAY LANG ang nagpapanatag sa mga damdamin nating di mapalagay. Sa bawat bigkas natin nito ay ang kasinungalingang pilit nating itinatago sa matamis na mga ngiti at sa mapupungay na mga mata.

OKAY LANG ang tangi nating sandata kung damdamin natin nagpupuyos na sa galit. Iwawaksing pilit at maglaoy tatakbong papalayo isisigaw ang mga salitang “OKAY LANG ako di naman masakit.” Sa paraang iyon mamalas ang tapang na pinanghahawakan upang iwasan ang kirot at sakit na dulot ng taong minsan mo ng minahal.

OKAY LANG dalawang salitang puno ng hiwaga na tanging puso lamang ang makakatuklas ng totoong hiwatig ng mga salitang ito upang ikubli ang mga emosyon.

Some Things

Some things are need to give up
surrender it and be nostalgic
Be grateful and forget it,

Some things are;
withered like a rose
has ending like a tunnel
and broken like a diamond

Some things are meant for
even if it is not our desire

Because some things are dropped by
to teach us not to stop
but put an end to

Some things are hurt us
even we don’t want it

Some things are have to put a period
rather to happens it over and over again

Things after a long period of time
You can look back on it
Like a children’s laughter
And leave it on the past.

Missing You

You know the feeling
of missing someone
you really missed him
but you have nothing to do
but to stare
on his picture
remembering those memories
and suddenly
your tears are silently
flowing like a fountain
you we’re dreaming
hoping that he will coming back
hugged you and kissed you
But it won’t happened again


You’re on the point
that you can’t owe him anymore
Because he was owned by someone
and they’re live together happily