Aim High

Pursue your dreams,
Conquer every struggles
Failings are no rooms,
it is an aspiration.

Life is guided of inspiration;
Strive hard for dreams.
Your journey may tumble,
uplift and stays strong.

Sacrifices will prevail and reigns;
hold a piece of hope.
have faith for your dreams,
Behold and brave to surpass it.

Weave for your dreams,
With strong and self-confidence.
Accept every failures;
and be brave to nurture your future.

Because opportunities comes unsure;
knocking in door of hopes.
So, continue to weave,
and achieve success of life.


To all dreamers!!! Follow your heart ❤️ continue to dream big! Strive for your success. The path of your journey is in your hand. You are the captain of your own ship. The driver of your car. The pilot of your own chopper. So don’t be hurry , just enjoy your life while aiming for your success.