Tanaga | Tagalog |Poem

Sa aking pag-iisa,
Ako ay umaasa,
Na ika’y makapiling,
Bisig mo’y tanging hiling.
Samyo ng iyong halik
Sana ito’y ibalik
Alaala mo mahal
Ang lakas ko sa twina.
Minsan ko nang hiniling
Sa langit na ibalik
Ating pagmamahalan
at ako’y ‘yong balikan.

A tanaga is a short poetic form that’s the Filipino equivalent of the Japanese haiku. It is an untitled poem of four lines with each line equally having seven to nine syllables.


It’s you.

You mean everything to me.
You’re the first thought in my head
in the morning when I wake up
and my last thought
before I go to bed.

You smile at me in my dreams.
When you’re sad, I feel sad
when I see your smile,
I feel incredible like there’s
no other thing around
all I can see is you.

Left Alone

We walk so far
explore the world
inspires each day
soaring for new adventures
develops our career and interests.
we build our future.

We’ve been known so far
been collect more memories
been travel so far
lay down on different places
make love each place
we’ve been go through

We’ve been so happy
we forget the pain yesterday
we’re happy longing each day
our relationship been deep
each day suddenly
and my love too.

And in a seconds of snap
you changed
in blink of eyes
things left on abnormal
this is the page
I scared of, losing you

We’ve been done so far
I don’t know why you changed
I don’t know why you left
You left me alone
in a dark forests place
I don’t know where to asks for help.

You left me alone,,,
you left me without any reasons
you left me drowning
on a dark place
we’re no one is there
You left me alone.