Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya kwaderno ko
ay may laman,

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya pluma’y
dumadaloy ang tinta

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat tinta
ay may mga salita.

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat salita
ay puno ng hiwaga

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat hiwaga
ay mananatiling lihim

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat lihim
ay inaakalang dusa

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat dusa
ay itinatagong pilit

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya pilit kong itinatago
sa kwaderno ang iyong imahe.

It Would be US!!!

Let me walk with you
Searching for new
Living with you
Is my new life

to spend for the rest
test our love shared
rain or shine

it would be us
walking for the sunshine
holding hands
through shady life

it would be us
living life together
for better and worst

it would be us
searching for its moment
as we needed passes by
walking through our journey

there’s a lot time
making our footprints
with love and joy

it would be us
longing with each other
in every corner
to sight you and I

Tutuyuin ko ang Iyong mga Luha

Tutuyuin ko ang iyong mga luha
na sanhi ng sakit na iyong nararamdaman
kahit na alam kong siya ang dahilan
ng iyong pagtangis
saksi ako kung paano mo siyang minahal
saksi ako sa mga ginagawa mo
para sa kanya
mapatunayan mo lang ang pagmamahal
mo sa kanya na iniaalay mo
Bulag ba siya at di ka niya makita

O di kaya marahil,
malayo ang kanyang tanaw
at di ka niya pansin sa kanyang balintataw

Ikaw ay di sumusuko
kumakapit sa katiting na pag-asa
na ikaw ay mapapansin niya

Akong laging narito sayo
laging nasa tabi mo
Kailan mo kaya ako mapapansin
Kailan mo mapapansin ang aking pagtangis
na ikaw ang dahilan
dahil siya ang mahal mo
dahil mga mata mo ay sa kanya napako
dahil patuloy kang umaasa sa kanya

Kailan mo tutuyuin ang aking mga luha
kailan mo bibitawan ang katiting
na pag-asa para sa kanya
at lingunin nalang ako
hawakan ang aking mga kamay
magpatuloy sa ating mga buhay
na tayo ang magkasama

Umaasa akong makita mo
ang halaga ko sayo
Nang sa gayon ay mapakawalan mo
ang lahat ng sakit na dinaranas mo
matukoy mo ang kahulugan ko sayo
Huwag mo sanang hayaan na na mapagod ako
at kusang umalis sa mga tabi mo
upang iwan ka at hayaan ka nalang.

Kung nasasaktan ka higit akong nasasaktan.
Hiling kong makita mo iyon
at buksan ang pintuan sa’yong puso
Hayaan mo sanang pakinggan
aking mahinahon na katok
at ako’y iyong papasukin
Upang mga luha mo’y aking tutuyuin.


Looking at the window
Waiting for you dear
It takes days
days become weeks
weeks becomes months
months becomes years
years becomes decades

Here I am,,,
still waiting for you
Glimpse me on my shady days
Please, Oh! Dear,
I was longing for you
I don’t know where you are
Still I am holding your promise
it is my resting heart
when I am about to give up
Your promises echoing into my ears
shouting your voice loudly
deep through my hearts

Oh, Dear! you know,,
How I missed you really,
Please glimpse me
to ease my loneliness
and wipes my tears
with your warm hand
softened my heart
I missed your hugs
it is my daily dose of comfort
Your smile is my repellent
on my moody swayed upside and down
You are the best view I had.

So, Dear! Glimpse me once
and feel me that you’re here
Brush my hair when I slept
Let’s sway on the swing together
Let’s walk on the breezy beach
and leave our footprints
Let’s dance under the rain
enjoy every drops that falling
Eat together in a view deck
while witnessing the sunrise
These are the memories
that would be an antique memoirs
to treasure forever
while waiting you dear.


I always having a dreamt
of this memories with you

that you’re gone
and don’t think we’re done
that we’re dating
and having memories together
that we’re close apart
and holding hands while walking
that we’re on a boat rowing
while singing our song
that we’re on an island,
witnessed the sunsets
and waves are chasing on the sands
that we’re hiking together
and shouts our emotions into the peak
of greenish mountains with sea clouds
that we’re paddling on a calm lake
and follow the flow waters directions
that we’re on park together picnic
and eating our favorite meals.

Dreaming to be with you
and spent the rest of our life
together and forevermore.

Can you get me here?
and bring me in your fantasy
and make my dreams surreal.

The Wisdom of Silence

Be silent,
if you can’t say it
without screaming.

Be silent,
when you are
feeling critical

Be silent,
if your words could
damage a friendship

Be silent,
when you don’t
have all facts

Be silent,
if your words will
offend a person

Be silent,
if you would be ashamed
of your words later

Be silent,
if your words convey
the wrong impression

Be silent,
in the heat
of anger

Be silent,
when it is time
to listen

A meaningful
silence is always better
than meaningless words.

Be my Thorn

You know my heartaches
Swollen my heart deeply
Leaves scars that shoned
Even the memories stayed

See the sadness in my eyes
Embedded of emotions
You may see me laughing
Deep within is breaking

A broken grandeur glass
Never be whole again
The magnificent of brokenness
Shines through the rays of light

Like a rose in a flower pot
Shine is gone and fading
When the sun is setting
And leaves a beautiful view

Be my Thorn and protects me
From the one wants to destroy
Be my Thorn and be my shield
From the one wants to hurt

Be my Thorn and stayed with me
To grow me beautifully with you
Be my Thorn and a decorations
To maintain the gorgeous of me

Be my Thorn to live with me
And never be alone
Be my Thorn to create memories
And lives in a beautiful pot

You are my Thorn
Saves from my heartaches
You are my Thorn
Decorated my scars

I am a rose with your thorn
Meet to be destined
Forever and eternal
With everlasting love

Find Reasons

Life is never about proving people that you are a good person,

Sometimes the bad things matter for in your dark side you see the people who are ready to light the road with you.

It’s about not how many your friends are, or how people roam around you,

But it’s how few of them accepts you being you.

For in your nothingness, people who are true to you,

Find reasons to love you still.