You’re not an Accident

Nothing happens to the child of God by accident. Each item is planned by the Father.

We accept the circumstances as guideposts in the direction of His leading.

In driving, the red lights are just as important for guidance as the green lights.

In guidance, a mitigating circumstance may be a stop light, while we wait patiently for Him.

Don’t compare your situation with others.

Blessed Day!


Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya kwaderno ko
ay may laman,

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya pluma’y
dumadaloy ang tinta

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat tinta
ay may mga salita.

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat salita
ay puno ng hiwaga

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat hiwaga
ay mananatiling lihim

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat lihim
ay inaakalang dusa

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat dusa
ay itinatagong pilit

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya pilit kong itinatago
sa kwaderno ang iyong imahe.

It Would be US!!!

Let me walk with you
Searching for new
Living with you
Is my new life

to spend for the rest
test our love shared
rain or shine

it would be us
walking for the sunshine
holding hands
through shady life

it would be us
living life together
for better and worst

it would be us
searching for its moment
as we needed passes by
walking through our journey

there’s a lot time
making our footprints
with love and joy

it would be us
longing with each other
in every corner
to sight you and I