The Beauty of a Broken Egg

As we staring an eggs on a tray
it is amazing beautiful.
It’s whiteness symbolizes
pure and solemn.

It can be broken easily.
Fragile so we handle it with care.
We are so afraid to fall it down.
We don’t let it broken.

But why???

Can’t we imagine how
it is more beautiful if it is broken?
Can’t we noticed it’s different shapes
gives more beautiful?

We can’t see coz
we always see one side.
We can’t coz we always
thinks it’s weakness.
We can’t coz
we don’t want to broke it.

If we broke it we can amaze
on the sunny side dish.
If we broke it we have a beautiful
scrambled egg dish.
If we broke it we see how an egg yolk
brings beauty on it’s shape.
If we broke if we can see how an egg white shielded the egg yolk.

It is like us, human.
We can’t be more beautiful
if we aren’t broke.
We can’t learn
if we aren’t broke.
We can’t be strong
if we aren’t broke.
We can’t strengthen our weakness
if we aren’t broke.
We can’t be who we are
if aren’t broke.

The beauty of being broken is like an eggs. Don’t just stare it let us broke to show it’s beauty.

You only
live ones
You only
die ones.


When we want to enter,
we knock softly.
When we want to care,
we hug tenderly.
When we hurt,
we cried.
When we tired,
we rest.

We always have an options,
we don’t need to stock
in a situations we’re we make us saddened.

If we are falling apart,
get up wipe your tears
and start walking again.

If we are broken or someone hurt us;
physically, emotionally and mentally.
get away from it.
we don’t deserve this.
we deserve better for ourselves.

Sometimes if we’re in a relationship
and your partner leaving you without
any words or any signs.
Can you wait for him or continue to leave without him?

Yes or No?

We need to be strong for ourselves
know our worth and live for it
if he can’t stay then leave.

Don’t wait for closure,
we are strong enough
we don’t need another heartaches
for same person.

We are truly blessed.

Who Made You

who made you feel this way?
like your heart’s too heavy
and all its soft parts
are gone?

who made you feel
like this toxic thing
like no one
wants you
and you don’t belong?

who made you feel
like your scars
aren’t beautiful
and your baggage
isn’t worth carrying?