Changing The Perspective

I look back,
On all the doings I’ve done,
The sayings I’ve said,
The thoughts I’ve thought,
And the feelings I’ve felt

I look back,
With disdain and regret
I realize what matters in life,
Is what I always forget
It’s always what I lack

I look back
How I’ve hated so much
All the people I misunderstood
All the emotions I didn’t understand
I was lost and had to find a way,
For those crude judgments,
Was what I had left to say

I look back
I realized that I was wrong,
That my conceptions of “evil” people had no excuse
And to waste life full of sin,
And to let those who trampled over me win,
Had no use
So for once, I decided,
To change the perspective
And now I look forward

I look forward,
And everything is going to change

I’ll never run
I’ll never hide
I’ll be heard
I’ll be seen

I’ll make new friends
I’ll keep the old ones til the end
But most of all,
I’ll flip my life to the other side,
The positive side,
And I’ll never be down
Once more my life will come around

I look forward,
And everything will change
I just hope,
That God will forgive me
For I became the person,
Both me and He,
Did not wish to be
I just hope,

That in his lofty heavens above,
There is still room for me,
In his heaven and in his love
There is nothing left to say,
Only change
And with this perspective,
I started to pray.