Choose Someone who Choose You

Choose someone
who wins your heart
Choose someone
who sees your worth

Someone that won't dismiss
and not to bear you
Someone that understands
and appreciate you.

Choose someone
who stays and grow with you

Choose someone
who lay the foundations with you

Choose someone who choose you.

Choose Love in Difficult Times

When things is going cruel;
Choose love to get calm.
When things is bad;
Choose love to be good.
When things go wrong;
Choose love to make it right.

Choose love in difficult times;
We struggle to find our strength.
Our weakness is not a key to success.
We failed to make it right;
And learn from it;
Not to degrade ourselves.

Let’s find happiness in sadness.
Let’s seek righteousness in wrong.
Let’s do good rather than bad.
Let’s create optimism rather negatives.
Let’s promote unity to make us one.
Let’s share love above anything else.