When I learnedto wait,Why you didn’t come?When I learnedto be patient,Why you give up?When I learnedto love you,Why you shun?When you knowI loved you,Why you loved someone? This is an English version of “Bakit”. More power and Godbless. Keep safe always. - SnowHearT

Being a Softhearted

Because of your weaknessyou end up on cryingyour emotions.It’s too hardto burst into tearsEverything ends up on tearsIf you’re mador you get annoyedtears are immediatelyfalling down like a rainsNo more wordsbecause you know itwith your selfthat you gotta cryIf they disrespect youyou are very silentand end in tearsEven the closes personstells you a hard wordyou’re … Continue reading Being a Softhearted

Tears is Special

Did you know that tears is more special than smile? Because,,, You can easily give your SMILE to everyone but TEARS, only to your love ones you cried and sometimes they’re the reasons behind of your TEARS.

Maaari Ba???

Maaari bang samahan mo akona lakbayin ang baybayin na itona magkahawak ang ating mga kamayat pinakikinggan ang alay kong tula sayo.Maaari ba?na magpanggap kang masayana kapiling ako.Maaari ba?na magpanggap kang mahalmo ako kahit sandali lang.???Maaari ba na pakinggan mo?ang bawat pintig ng aking pusona tanging ikaw ang ritmosa isang musika na ikaw ang himig.Maaari bang … Continue reading Maaari Ba???


When you’re a kid and you get hurtYou cried loud!To know that you’re crying and felt that you’re in painNow that you’re an adult and get hurtYou silently crying!To hide that you’re in painand nobody knows that you’re hurting.


The magic of first true love is as painful when it’s over.But do you know the sweetest part of it;It’s when you learnto cryto let goto be strongandto be wise.And when you love againYou’ll know how to keep it.This time,longer or evenFOREVER!


Tears is an important emotion;Shows love to notion.Clears the anxious feeling;Holds the heart in expressing.You can give smile to everyone;But love is for your love ones.Cry when you are in pain;It helps to release the pain.Tears are falling down;When you are glad.Tears is an emotion;To express for one we’ve love.#Tears#Cry#Emotion