Good (Bye)

For the second time I saw you
My hands is so cold
My heart beat so fast
Mesmerize me again

There's a lots of memories
Coming back and replenish
The day that we are so happy
And a magnetic feelings

Same as yesterday
The first time I saw you
But things changed
The sparks are gone

I may missed you so much
But not like yesterday
I always say I love you
But changed when I saw you again

I admit that you hurt me so much
The pain that you engrave
Is still there in my heart
And left a scars that I may not forget forever

One I assure is my feelings changed
I don't know why you're coming back
Your words are full of foolishness
I don't feel the truthfulness on it

Sorry if I changed!

You thought me how to be strong
You thought me what love is
You thought me what is pain for

You know how I dreamed to be with you
You know how I planned my life with you
You know how much I love you

But, you left me alone!

I was so sad at that moment
I even lost myself
I even cried like a river
The fountain of tears are flowing

I walked in an unknown destination
Wishing that we crossed are path
But I promised in myself
That if thus happens
I am fiercely beautiful with dignity
And I am strong and firm

For the second time
The love is gone
The emotions are changed
There's no hate
Only fate that we aren't destined

One hugged are we showered together
Sign of forgiving and let go of emotions
Subside it,
Once again,
Goodbye to you, my dear one!

Silence on Dark

You won’t see me crying
You can’t hear me sobbing
I wanna be alone
Don’t want to feel alone

It’s crazy
I am hiding through
This dark
To concealed my pain

Hiding myself
From people degraded me
Feel me ashamed
They’re done so well

My silence on dark
Gives me peace
Gives me a power
To shower my emotions

Crying out loud
My pain,
My heartaches,
Until get tired.

Silence gives hope
To get more courage
To have strength
And be powerful

Face the next day
With authority
to hold myself
And hugged it tightly.

Changing The Perspective

I look back,
On all the doings I’ve done,
The sayings I’ve said,
The thoughts I’ve thought,
And the feelings I’ve felt

I look back,
With disdain and regret
I realize what matters in life,
Is what I always forget
It’s always what I lack

I look back
How I’ve hated so much
All the people I misunderstood
All the emotions I didn’t understand
I was lost and had to find a way,
For those crude judgments,
Was what I had left to say

I look back
I realized that I was wrong,
That my conceptions of “evil” people had no excuse
And to waste life full of sin,
And to let those who trampled over me win,
Had no use
So for once, I decided,
To change the perspective
And now I look forward

I look forward,
And everything is going to change

I’ll never run
I’ll never hide
I’ll be heard
I’ll be seen

I’ll make new friends
I’ll keep the old ones til the end
But most of all,
I’ll flip my life to the other side,
The positive side,
And I’ll never be down
Once more my life will come around

I look forward,
And everything will change
I just hope,
That God will forgive me
For I became the person,
Both me and He,
Did not wish to be
I just hope,

That in his lofty heavens above,
There is still room for me,
In his heaven and in his love
There is nothing left to say,
Only change
And with this perspective,
I started to pray.