God’s Love and Mercy

(1) Our Vision in life can be impaired and clouded by many things.
(2) Our Vision in life can be repaired and recovered by God’s grace.

  • There is more to life than this life. It is ETERNITY.
  • The most important vision is SPIRITUAL VISION – the ability to see life and everything in light of God’s word, His will and and in view of His eternal purposes.
  • The biggest picture in life is GOD, His WORD and His ETERNAL PURPOSE.
  • Don’t interpret the seasons in your life as though it is everything. Don’t interpret life through your pain. Rather, INTERPRET YOUR LIFE IN LIGHT OF GOD’s PURPOSES.
  • Stay safe. STAY IN FAITH.
  • The attacks of the enemy are meant to CHALLENGE OUR FAITH AND LOYALTY TO GOD.
  • When we are impaired in our spiritual vision, IT LIMITS US. We can no longer see clearly. Our commitment to God is affected.
  • Our vision in life is clarified when WE SEEK GOD.
  • If you have frustrations, BRING THEM TO GOD.
  • A REAL YOU IS INSIDE YOU. God has put eternity in the hearts of men.
  • The love and mercy of God is FREE FOR ALL. Would you avail it?

In this time that most people fear Covid19, we are desperate to avail alcohol, face masks and medicines. That we forget the most important thing to avail.

SALVATION (God’s love and mercy). It is free. Receive it.





Strong Souls

How can we define people on level of strength? Having a good soul. How they cope up from their pains? Having a good heart in battling of pains.

As life goes on,,,we don’t know what make us to keep strong beyond of our failures. What we can do us we struggle on such pains to cause us to give on this world sometimes? It is a matter of keeping standstill behind the bars of frustrations. Level ourselves as the mightiest people on this world. We can survive every battle.

For every pain that we struggling in gives us strength to move forward until we got a victory. The bravest things we can do is to win for our pains. Find the beauty of it. Behind every scars are your attitude to fight on it. And it is amazing that you succeed it. It is molding you to keep your souls strong and keep going behind of failures. Behind of your failures are you strength to get up and try again, never give up until you conquer it.

It’s clearly amazing that for every pains we got makes your souls brave and strong in every situation. It is you and your attitude to cope and handle for every pains.

How to Love a Man

UNDERSTAND. He will never be perfect. At some point he will be inconsistent. Sometimes he will be impatient. Sometimes it will be hard for him to handle your mood swings. He gets angry too. His mood changes as well.

FREEDOM. Give him the freedom to do the things that he likes. Do not box him. Do not choke him in the neck. The truth is, if he really loves you, he will never do things that will hurt you. He has a life to live so do not take that away from him. You are not his world. You are just a part of it.

RECIPROCATE. Make efforts for him too. Ask him how his day went. Ask him what went wrong. Love him hard as well. Be patient with him too.

RESPECT. You have to respect his choices and decisions. Give him respect that he deserves.

AFFECTION. Show him that you care. Wrap him with warm hugs. Show to him that you are always there for him.

ATTENTION. Like you, he needs your attention too. He needs reassurance as well that he is the only one for you. Do not give him reasons to doubt you.

There will never be a perfect man. At some point, you will get disappointed and upset because he did not become the man you expect him to be. But because you love him you accept every bits of him. If he is worth the risk, keep him. .

Window of Soul

The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.

Nicholas Sparks

Can you tell me what is the window of our soul?

No one knows that our soul has a window. How does it happens? We can tell a lie. We can’t say what are brain thinks. We can’t say what our ears heard. We can’t ignore the feelings might feel of our skin. And we can deny the scents of smell. But our eyes touch our soul directly. It touches our heart. Our eyes is the window through our souls to change our feelings. To touch someone heart.


To you: I still love you. I can’t live without you. You are my life. My heart beats only for you. PLEASE COME BACK!!!! 😭😭😭

I am thinking if that message was sent. Could he come back? Could he take an effort to fix it? Could he take a risks again? Could he won’t hurt me again? Do it help me for what I am now?

Maybe NOT!!!

Coz his a great manipulator. He always wants what he want. He doesn’t care for what I felt. His selfish. I can’t be a woman today because of him. He is my dark through my way and I am the light. I keep my light on to keep me strong while taking away from his darkness. I can’t be a woman that I want to be. Escaping from his darkness is uneasy but worthwhile.

He is a lessons! To create my life and plan it according to my will. He is part of my life but never an eternal.