Together Eternally

(Simara Island)
I can do all things
to make sure
that you’re mine
that we’re together

I can’t shout it loud
that I love you so much
It is enough that we both know
that you’re the person I meant

My heart beats for you
Your smile is my favorite view
Your laugh is music unto my ears
My love for you is unending

For the man I loved;
my inspirations
I will love you
for the rest of our life

Because I loved you
Feel my love for you
Create memories
And laugh together

I really hoped
you and i forever
creating memories
together eternally.


It’s you.

You mean everything to me.
You’re the first thought in my head
in the morning when I wake up
and my last thought
before I go to bed.

You smile at me in my dreams.
When you’re sad, I feel sad
when I see your smile,
I feel incredible like there’s
no other thing around
all I can see is you.