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Feel Me

If you feel so sad, 
lean on my shoulder.

If you want to cry,
here’s my hankies.

But if you can’t,
I will hug you.

For you to feel,
you’re not alone.
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Never Ever

Looking at you
from afar
if we thought



I realized !!!
I am the only one
who thought this way.
I am the only one
who love you most.
I am the only one
who hopes for us.


It will never happens.
Never ever!!!
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Good (Bye)

For the second time I saw you
My hands is so cold
My heart beat so fast
Mesmerize me again

There's a lots of memories
Coming back and replenish
The day that we are so happy
And a magnetic feelings

Same as yesterday
The first time I saw you
But things changed
The sparks are gone

I may missed you so much
But not like yesterday
I always say I love you
But changed when I saw you again

I admit that you hurt me so much
The pain that you engrave
Is still there in my heart
And left a scars that I may not forget forever

One I assure is my feelings changed
I don't know why you're coming back
Your words are full of foolishness
I don't feel the truthfulness on it

Sorry if I changed!

You thought me how to be strong
You thought me what love is
You thought me what is pain for

You know how I dreamed to be with you
You know how I planned my life with you
You know how much I love you

But, you left me alone!

I was so sad at that moment
I even lost myself
I even cried like a river
The fountain of tears are flowing

I walked in an unknown destination
Wishing that we crossed are path
But I promised in myself
That if thus happens
I am fiercely beautiful with dignity
And I am strong and firm

For the second time
The love is gone
The emotions are changed
There's no hate
Only fate that we aren't destined

One hugged are we showered together
Sign of forgiving and let go of emotions
Subside it,
Once again,
Goodbye to you, my dear one!
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When you’re a kid and you get hurt
You cried loud!
To know that you’re crying
and felt that you’re in pain

Now that you’re an adult and get hurt
You silently crying!
To hide that you’re in pain
and nobody knows that you’re hurting.
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First Choice

Your first 
is always

always go
with your
first instinct.

Even if it’s a
bad idea.

Because bad ideas,
make good stories.
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There was once butterfly
that have landed
on my shoulder.

After a while it flew away.
But it left colorful
dust on my shoulder.

Then I realize,
friends are like butterflies,

they come and go
but one thing is for sure.

It will surely leave
a colorful mark on our lives.

Thanks for being
one dozen butterflies
in my life.
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People always think that 
the most painful thing
is losing the one you love.

The truth is,
the most painful thing
is losing yourself
in the process of
loving someone too much,

that you are
special too.
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Your Promises

Heard your words
Make me feel worthy
Your words is my law
Make me feel secure.

You open my heart
Using your key
I entrusted it to you
My life and my soul.

The wavelengths
Of your pavements
Is crossing the borders
Towards me with love.

Your promised forever
Always be my strength
To put my trusts on you
I always love you.

I appreciate every single
Act you’ve done to show it
You make my world shine
Gives me hope.
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It’s you.

You mean everything to me.
You’re the first thought in my head
in the morning when I wake up
and my last thought
before I go to bed.

You smile at me in my dreams.
When you’re sad, I feel sad
when I see your smile,
I feel incredible like there’s
no other thing around
all I can see is you.
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I Miss You

and in the end
it all matters,
this distance that we are,
creating all this longing.

the butterflies
I feel for you,
listening to our song
on the radio,
the way I miss you
even in the early hours
of the morning.

wondering about the day
I will have you
through the night before.