I met You

meeting you in paradise 
makes me surprise
my heart beats so fast
my eyes are solenoid
staring at you

one hello from you,
was an ice breaker
enough to wake me up
from fantasizing you
coz here you are

you are real
even more realistic
when you shake my hand
and leave a smile
that engrave in my heart

God is always the BEST

I lend you a hand but someone lend you a heart.

I brought you smile but someone brought you joy.

I built you a castle but someone built you a temple.

I kissed your tears but someone made it dry.

I offered you the world but someone offered the universe.

I showed you my care but someone showed you loved.

I sat on your back but someone sat on your side.

I give you wings but someone taught you how to fly.

Suddenly I realized no matter how hard I’ll try.

God can always do better than I.