I wanna go Home

I missed the old me;

I missed those days with them;

No heartaches just enjoyment;

An inspiration to live happily;

I can’t erased those moments;

It keeps refreshing each day passed;

The happiness is incomparable;

I really wanted to go home;

On a home that full of love;

No anger just love

No hate just affection

No sadness just joyous

I really want our home not a house

A home that you can’t feel the quarantine

A home that you wanna bring wherever you go

A home that full of light

A home that material things is not definition of rich

Our home is a definition of love that help us to grow a persons.

I missed my home!

My home!


I really wanted to go home.

To refresh myself from sadness;

To refresh myself from stress;

To refresh myself from everything makes me toxic.

I want to anew myself on our home.

My home is my place.