Hidden Gem of the South Oriental Mindoro

If you’re a traveler and finding a gem of nature. I gladly recommend to you Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro 🇵🇭, it is unspoilt islands 🌴 good for a traveler who wanted to stay and feel the beauty and calmness of nature. Yes, it is a nature that you can say this is my home 🏡 and a place where you can spend your time together with your love ones.

Explore this beautiful islands 🌴 hopping into another islands 🌴. I bet you enjoy your time on that place. And you find people especially the locals are the nicest people you’ve seen. They’re so amazing to share their place to you. They’re willing to share their things they had. Filipino people are the coolest persons on earth. They’re heart warming, always smile that can gives an energy on you.

If you’re asking if there’s a tourists on that Islands 🌴 too? Yes there’s but not too many as you think like on Boracay, Palawan and Cebu. The number of tourists here is very few but I tell the nature is so beautiful 😍 and you will amaze. Witnessed the sun rising reminding you that there’s hope and witnessed the sunsets 🌅 reminds you that life gives you hope when you wake you up tomorrow.

If you’re asking if there’s a hostel there, yes there’s. If you’re a kitesurfer kindly visit the Kitesurf Mindoro. And I recommend to you some hostels; Southdrive Resorts, and Tambaron Greenbeach Resorts. Kindly search others on google.

Here are some pictures of nature:

Thank you 😊 More power and Godbless ❤️

For a woman…

For the woman who is reading this
I know you’re going through something,


Try to go out now and
Look at the sky,
Even if you just look out of your window or anything else.

Look at it,
Isn’t the the and moon covered in thick clouds?
Is it so that it will rain?

Feel the cold of the wind-feel the one to hug you.
Listen to the surroundings, listen to those around you.

The Melody of cricket;
the voice of frogs;
and the sound of the night.
Just breathe deeply.

Just wait,
this night will be finished,
and the day will rise tomorrow.
You have a new morning to have a glimpse of it.

New hope,
new opportunity for you to get up.
You’ll see a rainbow
with different colors with the sun.
That you will give life
so that you will not let go.

Feel the humming of the bird,
They are stating that yesterday is over.
Go with the waves;
in the flow and bury
in oblivion the past,
Until the lips of the sun
have passed away at the end of the ocean.

And at night,
the heavens are again,
You will see the the and moon.

That shining and radiant for you,
That says everything is not yet done-your story is not yet finished.

So you will smile again,
And in the chest the pain
and pain will be gone.
The wounds that are incurred
will also be healed,
The storm will also
be diminished in your eyes.

Because the rain is raining,
it will dwell and pass by.
So there is no reason,
To stay sad there.


Darating pero di nagtatagal,
Lilikha ng mga alaala.
Panandaliang sisilay ang mga ngiti,
Susulyap ang maningning na pag-ibig.

Panandalian lamang ang pag-ibig,
Na akala mo panghabambuhay.
Nabulag ang iyong puso,
Umasa na siya ay magtatagal.

Ngunit siya ay lumisan,
Iniwan kang nag-iisa.
Ayaw lisanin ang lugar
Na kasama siya.

Umasa na siya ay babalik,
Naghihintay sa walang kasiguraduhan.
Pinaniniwala ang sarili,
Na anuman ang mangyari babalik siya.

Hanggang Kailan?????
Panahon ay nagbabago,
Sana ganoon rin pag-ibig ko sa’yo.

Hanggang kailan aasa?
Babalik ka pa ba?
Marahil ay di na….
Nasaan ka na???