Choose Someone who Choose You

Choose someone who wins your heart Choose someone who sees your worthSomeone that won't dismiss and not to bear you Someone that understands and appreciate you.Choose someone who stays and grow with youChoose someone who lay the foundations with youChoose someone who choose you.


an electronic mailto send my virtualhugs to you, dearan electronic mailto feel your warmand feel your armsan electronic mailto send my emotionsand feel me importantan electronic mailto feel me not aloneand you are therean electronic mailto touch my heartand ignite my soulan electronic mailto holds our foreverand keep your promiseuntil we meetand start to webour … Continue reading E-mail


When I learnedto wait,Why you didn’t come?When I learnedto be patient,Why you give up?When I learnedto love you,Why you shun?When you knowI loved you,Why you loved someone? This is an English version of “Bakit”. More power and Godbless. Keep safe always. - SnowHearT


Bakiit kung kailan natutoakong maghintayhindi ka dumating?Bakit kung kailan natutoakong magtiisdoon ka sumuko?Baki kung kailan natutunankitang mahalindun ka lumayo?Bakit kung kailanmahal na kitasaka ka nagmahal ng iba?

My Star

You are my star at nightshining at my darkestglow in my catastrophic moodshade with gloomy shadowinvade of astounding lightshows how beautiful you areStar that keeps glowinghiding in clouds and keep shiningthe bests view at nightthousands of light that I foundbut you are brightest of themmy star that I found in this universe.

Poignant Destiny

It is gratefulto have someone loves youfor who you areBecause you have accompanimentfor all of sadnessIt is poignant destinyIncomparable,,,The Pain!The heartaches that I feltUntil now,,,unforgotten!I loved him so muchmy knight and shining armourThat who isn't love meThe way I doThe way I valued himThis is the momentI cursed seeing this worldI'd rather not to see … Continue reading Poignant Destiny

Missing The Sea

Missing the seawaves touches the sandsky reflects to oceanseashells on the baygazing to the viewI stare on itsometimes I picknot to collectbut putting into another viewpebbles and rockshas stagnation beautythat made in seato witness and mesmerizethe sunsetsI remember the golden raysscattered on the oceansI feel the naturethe hopesan everlasting amazementI walked into the seasidetouching the … Continue reading Missing The Sea

Walang Kwenta

Kami yung mga kabataanna madalas sa lansanganWalang kwenta kung ituringng lipunang mapanghusgaWalang boses na ipagmamalakisapagkat yaong mga gawaang hinuhusgahan ng madlaSigaw namin ay bulong sa kanilaHindi maririnig munting tinigWalang gustong makinigPagkat sa kanila ito’y walang kwentaWalang kabuluhan ang aming tinigBagwis nami’y di maikampayPaano kami lilipad?kung bagwis ay niruruyakanniluray ng mga taong mapanghusgaMahina sa kanilang mga … Continue reading Walang Kwenta


You are abandonedAnd alone in darknessYou heard your footstepsWalking to the absence of lightYou heard yourself cryingSobbing into tearsFinding for accompanyBut no one is thereIt's just you in wildernessShouting your silenceLonging for someoneBut no one is comingYour eyes is blindYou never seen the majestyThe blanket that prepares on youTo comfort you from wildernessYou are in … Continue reading Wilderness