The Keys of Love

We are fully in love
With each other
Live together
Sharing love like dove;

Creates and weaving
Our dreams together
Collect memories
Embrace the flaws;

Promised are not
Meant to be broken
It is meant
To be fulfilled;

Start unraveling
The knots of life
Shower the blossoms
Share the sweetness;

Showered love
With oneness
Is the keys for
Our unfailing love;

The Blooms of Nature

The essence of gratitude;
Express the blooms of attitude.
Emits the nation of success;
Emerging the progress.

Looking for the picture;
Shows the beauty of gesture.
Embrace the nature;
For the will of future.

Creates the community;
And brings the nationality.
Teach the youth;
To embrace their worth.

Let us show to the world;
That we are genuine gold.
To show the importance;
And value the acceptance.

Let us value our nature;
Witness the blooms of aperture.
It’s refinement makes it perfect;
And astonish is the effect.



The ray of light
Shining through me
You won’t near me
But your love won’t fade,

Seeing you from afar
Makes me melancholy
I wished you’ll be my side
Cuddling on winter times,

I wish you’re here
To makes memories
Kissed our body and soul
Weaving for our future,

I can’t hide my sorrow
I wanna hold your hands
And bring it on my hearts
And touch my love for you,

Distance limits us
Our touch physically
But not emotionally
Our love never fade,

Your absence killing me
I am bored without you
I want you here
I miss you,

Through our distance
Our love still remains
It grows worthy
And keep it strong.

You’re my Daily Dose

You are my daily dose of happiness

Happiness that I only find on you

You are the reasons behind of my smiles

Smiles that full of exaggeration that I felt

Felt that I can’t control when you’re around

Around of it I feel so in love on you

You are my daily dose of everything

Everything is so beautiful and different

Different things so we can’t bored

Bored that we don’t want to happen on us

Us was made by you and me

Me was you’re perfect person for you

You are the best person I have

Have to understand our differences

Differences that make us unique

Unique bond and relationship together

Together you and I forever

Forever, you are my daily dose of everything.



Lockdown with you is loved;
To unlock and load loved for you;
To unwrapped locked emotions;
We’ve made when we’re both busy;

It is the moment to share our loved;
To shower our kisses and locked our soul;
Make our needs sufficiently;
To locked our body and soul completely;

Feel every moment and locked it;
Down through our emotions deeply;
Moan hardly to keep abide;
To enhance the quarantine effects;

The seasons of our loved;
Will be made and match in heavens;
Soulfully effect happens;
To locked our love eternally.