Love is Complicated

Loved when you are ready to love
Not because you’re lonely
You’ll seek for it.

Pain is a very crucial
that we have to go with.
Taught us to be strong
nor weakened us.

And love is not simple things
that we have to forced it.

It is complicated!!!
We don’t need to forced it.

It is alright to try to
find someone that we are
compatible to,
when we try to
force love out of a situation.
It will resorts uneven.

You simply,,,
cannot force chemistry,
and even telling
to someone that you love them,

It doesn’t mean it is authentic.


I Love You ‘Till Dawn

You are the reason why I smiling
You are the reason
why I waking up early in the morning.

You are the reason in every season of weather
You are the reason why I keep on pursuing
You are the reason why I am dreaming
You are the reason why I am breathing
You are the reason why I keep on fighting

You are the reason
why I should stay on this world
You are the reason in every why’s.

I love you Till Dawn of our Life
I won’t be tired loving you
On our morning stage
We enjoy our juvenile phase
We are bestfriend
We played all the time
We both favorite each other.

Until we’re on the midday
Teenage phase things are getting different
We improve ourselves individual
We are grown
I am not you’re favorite
but still we’re bestfriend
We our getting attached emotionally
I get jealous if there’s someone looking at you
I get jealous if there’s
someone getting your attention.
I started to guard you wherever you are
I may not called, you are mine
But I wanna assure that you are secure always
Deeply in my heart I wanna own you
I wanna marry you someday
Till days comes I propose to you
I am the happiest person
on Earth when you said yes!!!


Three letters that makes me safe.
Three letters that will light up my life forever.
You are mine forever.
And I promised not to hurt you.
I promised to widens my understanding.
I do my best to make you the happiest one.
I offer my life to you.
Throughout our days together
We struggle but never give up
We keep pushing yet we stay in love
We keep the vibrant of sunshine
I will promised to you
Until our days of dawn I love you!

I love you!
I love you!
I love you!

Darling for now
let us shower the magic we made
Let us create memories to treasure forever
Let us bring it eternity
I love you beyond and infinity.

Your Promises

Heard your words
Make me feel worthy
Your words is my law
Make me feel secure.

You open my heart
Using your key
I entrusted it to you
My life and my soul.

The wavelengths
Of your pavements
Is crossing the borders
Towards me with love.

Your promised forever
Always be my strength
To put my trusts on you
I always love you.

I appreciate every single
Act you’ve done to show it
You make my world shine
Gives me hope.

It’s Okay to Cry

Please be reminded that crying is okay.
It’s okay to be sad.
It’s okay to hurt and wounded.
It’s okay to be loss after taking our risks.

Atleast you’re trying your best to cope up everything.
Atleast you’re standing still.
Atleast you’re getting stronger.

You have all reasons
to give up but look at you,
still standing.

Be proud.

•Love Yourself•