We are not MEANT

Forgive me
if I choose to leave
rather than to stay

I choose the best
to clarify the means
it’s a matter of your destiny

She is your destiny
you two are destined
to be with forever

I am just your exit
to make your life
more beautiful and valuable

I cannot make a mess
I don’t want to cause your failures
I don’t want to be part of your brokenness

We are not meant to be
We are just known to share our identities
We are not for each other

She was your life
and I am just a stranger
that crossing through your paths

Let us forget to each other
Focus your love to your family
Value them, they’re the most amazing gifts.


Green Meant

Balance life with harmony;
As we are enjoying it.
Embrace kindness from our hearts;
And develops humanity.

Restore what we broken;
Fantasize the beauty of it.
Bring tranquility to this world;
To fight the dilemmas now.

Seek knowledge and understanding;
And growth with moral to this world.
Experienced the relaxation;
Renew and build anew for our life.

Feel the calmness with the nature;
Find the empowerment on it.
Green colored life to be optimism;
And meant the aesthetic of it.