Missing The Sea

Missing the sea
waves touches the sand
sky reflects to ocean
seashells on the bay
gazing to the view
I stare on it
sometimes I pick
not to collect
but putting into another view
pebbles and rocks
has stagnation beauty
that made in sea
to witness and mesmerize
the sunsets
I remember the golden rays
scattered on the oceans
I feel the nature
the hopes
an everlasting amazement
I walked into the seaside
touching the waves
let the wind touches my skin
I missed the sea
roaming alone
towards the stone
at ends of the bay
sit and feel the breeze.
remembering the memories
imagine the plans
live in this world
fight with spirits.

I wanna go Home

I missed the old me;

I missed those days with them;

No heartaches just enjoyment;

An inspiration to live happily;

I can’t erased those moments;

It keeps refreshing each day passed;

The happiness is incomparable;

I really wanted to go home;

On a home that full of love;

No anger just love

No hate just affection

No sadness just joyous

I really want our home not a house

A home that you can’t feel the quarantine

A home that you wanna bring wherever you go

A home that full of light

A home that material things is not definition of rich

Our home is a definition of love that help us to grow a persons.

I missed my home!

My home!


I really wanted to go home.

To refresh myself from sadness;

To refresh myself from stress;

To refresh myself from everything makes me toxic.

I want to anew myself on our home.

My home is my place.