Missing The Sea

Missing the seawaves touches the sandsky reflects to oceanseashells on the baygazing to the viewI stare on itsometimes I picknot to collectbut putting into another viewpebbles and rockshas stagnation beautythat made in seato witness and mesmerizethe sunsetsI remember the golden raysscattered on the oceansI feel the naturethe hopesan everlasting amazementI walked into the seasidetouching the … Continue reading Missing The Sea

I wanna go Home

I missed the old me; I missed those days with them; No heartaches just enjoyment; An inspiration to live happily; I can’t erased those moments; It keeps refreshing each day passed; The happiness is incomparable; I really wanted to go home; On a home that full of love; No anger just love No hate just … Continue reading I wanna go Home