Look for Optimism

Life is hard because 
we see the obstacles 
not the goals.

Life is painful 
because we see the tears 
not the joys.

People are rejected 
because we see their faults 
not their righteous deeds.

People are weak because 
we see their failures 
not their success.

It is the way we look 
at things that makes 
this world bit complicated.

Always look at positive side.

Green Meant

Balance life with harmony;
As we are enjoying it.
Embrace kindness from our hearts;
And develops humanity.

Restore what we broken;
Fantasize the beauty of it.
Bring tranquility to this world;
To fight the dilemmas now.

Seek knowledge and understanding;
And growth with moral to this world.
Experienced the relaxation;
Renew and build anew for our life.

Feel the calmness with the nature;
Find the empowerment on it.
Green colored life to be optimism;
And meant the aesthetic of it.

To future me

Dear self;

As you read it now, I wanna know you’re happy and live at your own path. Everything of your dreams are fulfilled. You work hard for it. You struggle so much yet you don’t give up. You fight for it. I wanna congratulate you for doing your part so well. I am so proud of you self.

I know you struggle so much your, It cascades so much almost affect your dreams that you take for so long. Yet, still proud of you. Your heartbreaks helps you to improve your personality to be strong like what you are now. It isn’t bleeding now nor hurt but still fragile but you take care it so much. I am so thankful for taking it so much for past many years. I owe you a lot for helping me out through this past few years. Thank you.

I wanna know that while you read it now everything was fine and settled. Everything was done according through your plans while crossing your journey. Behind failures you always stand still and keep strong. We thank God for keeping you safe and guide you always while crossing your path.

But before it ends;

I wanna sure this things are happens:

  • You have an amazing job (teaching career).
  • Having MA (Masteral) and PH. D at end of your last names.
  • Continue to share words on WordPress.
  • Change your surnames.
  • Be a good wife and mother.
  • You have your own family.
  • Travel on different countries with your family.
  • Settling and live happily together with family.
  • And last always be happy.

I asks you after.

Yours truly,