My Star

You are my star at night
shining at my darkest
glow in my catastrophic mood
shade with gloomy shadow
invade of astounding light
shows how beautiful you are

Star that keeps glowing
hiding in clouds and keep shining
the bests view at night
thousands of light that I found
but you are brightest of them
my star that I found in this universe.


Patawad sa aking nagawa,
Sana ako ay iyong pagbigyan.
Patawad sa aking tinuran,
Sana ako ay iyong pakinggan.

Bugso ng aking damdamin,
Naghuhumiyaw at nag-uumalpas.
Huwag kang pabayaan,
Pakamahalin at unawain.

Ngunit ano itong aking nagawa,
Hinayaan kong ikaw ay masaktan.
Pagtangis mo’y aking isinantabi,
Bugso ng damdamin ako nagpadala.

Pag-ibig mo ay naglaho,
Na parang bula.
Nasaktan kitang labis,
Kaya ikaw ay naglaho.

Ngunit, bakit ngayong wala ka na,
Ako’y nangungulila sayo.
Hinahanap ko lalo pag-ibig mo,
Umaasa na babalik ka sinta.

Patawad sa aking nagawa,
Sana ay masaya ka.
Saan ka man naroon ngayon,
Ako’y lubos na nangungulila sayo.

Poignant Destiny

It is grateful
to have someone loves you
for who you are
Because you have accompaniment
for all of sadness

It is poignant destiny
The Pain!
The heartaches that I felt
Until now,,,unforgotten!

I loved him so much
my knight and shining armour
That who isn't love me
The way I do
The way I valued him

This is the moment
I cursed seeing this world
I'd rather not to see it
Hence of my innocent
so I cannot felt this sadness

I really wanted to expressed
How deeply inlove on him
But his act,
The way he treat me
Shows I don't have any space on him

I am maybe the luckiest one
If he loves me too
But it would never happens
It is my poignant destiny
Written in my palms

I will forever choose him
Even if he feels me
That choosing him is erroneous
I will not throw away a piece hope
To complete his puzzle

Missing The Sea

Missing the sea
waves touches the sand
sky reflects to ocean
seashells on the bay
gazing to the view
I stare on it
sometimes I pick
not to collect
but putting into another view
pebbles and rocks
has stagnation beauty
that made in sea
to witness and mesmerize
the sunsets
I remember the golden rays
scattered on the oceans
I feel the nature
the hopes
an everlasting amazement
I walked into the seaside
touching the waves
let the wind touches my skin
I missed the sea
roaming alone
towards the stone
at ends of the bay
sit and feel the breeze.
remembering the memories
imagine the plans
live in this world
fight with spirits.