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Time and Love

Do you know that TIME is more important than LOVE?

You know why?

If I give you LOVE but I don’t have TIME, would you believe that I LOVE YOU? Maybe not!

But if I give you time because I love you. I am sure that you believe 100 percent and I am sure on myself too that I love you.

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When you’re a kid and you get hurt
You cried loud!
To know that you’re crying
and felt that you’re in pain

Now that you’re an adult and get hurt
You silently crying!
To hide that you’re in pain
and nobody knows that you’re hurting.
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Mahal at Mahalaga

Bakit masakit yung katotohanan
na minsan kahit gaano
kabait sayo ng isang tao.

Hindi ka pa din
niya kayang mahalin?

Simple lang.

Dahil hindi mo tanggap
na kahit gaano
ka man KAHALAGA sa kanya,

bumabalik pa rin
sa katotohanan na.

Iba pa rin talaga
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First Choice

Your first 
is always

always go
with your
first instinct.

Even if it’s a
bad idea.

Because bad ideas,
make good stories.
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Sometimes we have to fall 
in mountain for us to realize
that were climbing for,

Obstacle are placed on our way
to see if what we want
is really worth fighting for.

From every wound there's scar ,
and every scar tells a story.

A story that says,

“I was deeply wounded
but I survive because
God is with me always.”

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Willing to Wait

There are things you don’t want to continue but you’re afraid to end. It’s just like, you don’t want to expect anything but you’re still willing to wait.

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Life Lessons

Life is journey
with lots
and lots of waiting.

We need to enjoy that journey;
to relish
to tastes
to celebrate
and breath

in all detours
all craziness
all misfires
and bruises.

Everything that happens
in life are LESSONS.