God is always the BEST

I lend you a hand but someone lend you a heart.

I brought you smile but someone brought you joy.

I built you a castle but someone built you a temple.

I kissed your tears but someone made it dry.

I offered you the world but someone offered the universe.

I showed you my care but someone showed you loved.

I sat on your back but someone sat on your side.

I give you wings but someone taught you how to fly.

Suddenly I realized no matter how hard I’ll try.

God can always do better than I.

The Hardest Course

LIFE in this world is the hardest 
course we could ever take.

It could only be taken once.
*no review
*no masteral
*no doctorate

We don't have any other DEAN but GOD.


once we have graduated from this school; 
we are done and gone.
Only eternity can tell our rating:

So, live each day as if it's your baccalaureate service 
because in this course;
we'll never know the
exact date of our closing ceremony.


Life is not about being angry, getting revenge, and being mean to people that have been mean to you. That’s a shallow way to live. Instead, lift someone up that’s pushed you down.


The sweetest revenge is love instead of being angry 😤. Loving your enemy is the hardest one but if we can’t, we can pray to subside our emotions and let love conquer our anger. Be an inspiration to others. Be part of a solutions in every problems. Life would be the hardest but it is the most enjoyable we can have. Live with it simple, happy and enjoyable. You can live more not ones but dying is only ones. So take care of ourselves, love it.