You are abandonedAnd alone in darknessYou heard your footstepsWalking to the absence of lightYou heard yourself cryingSobbing into tearsFinding for accompanyBut no one is thereIt's just you in wildernessShouting your silenceLonging for someoneBut no one is comingYour eyes is blindYou never seen the majestyThe blanket that prepares on youTo comfort you from wildernessYou are in … Continue reading Wilderness

Unsent Goodbye

Midnight of shattering lifeMesmerizing our memoriesHidden deep in my heartTears are overflowing in sadnessRemembering you tonightWhispering in my heartThe calmness that you gaveThrough my darkest daysWondering where are you nowYou leave without any footprintsYou walk away silentlyFor no reasons behindYou left unsaidMy tears drop silentlyWords are falling apartEven my unsent goodbye


Looking at the windowWaiting for you dearIt takes daysdays become weeksweeks becomes monthsmonths becomes yearsyears becomes decadesHere I am,,,still waiting for youGlimpse me on my shady daysPlease, Oh! Dear,I was longing for youI don’t know where you areStill I am holding your promiseit is my resting heartwhen I am about to give upYour promises echoing … Continue reading Glimpse

Be my Thorn

You know my heartachesSwollen my heart deeplyLeaves scars that shonedEven the memories stayedSee the sadness in my eyesEmbedded of emotionsYou may see me laughingDeep within is breakingA broken grandeur glassNever be whole againThe magnificent of brokennessShines through the rays of lightLike a rose in a flower potShine is gone and fadingWhen the sun is settingAnd … Continue reading Be my Thorn

Maaari Ba???

Maaari bang samahan mo akona lakbayin ang baybayin na itona magkahawak ang ating mga kamayat pinakikinggan ang alay kong tula sayo.Maaari ba?na magpanggap kang masayana kapiling ako.Maaari ba?na magpanggap kang mahalmo ako kahit sandali lang.???Maaari ba na pakinggan mo?ang bawat pintig ng aking pusona tanging ikaw ang ritmosa isang musika na ikaw ang himig.Maaari bang … Continue reading Maaari Ba???

Never Ever

Looking at youfrom afarwonderingif we thoughtsamebutthenI realized !!!I am the only onewho thought this way.I am the only onewho love you most.I am the only onewho hopes for us.CozIt will never happens.Never ever!!!


When you’re a kid and you get hurtYou cried loud!To know that you’re crying and felt that you’re in painNow that you’re an adult and get hurtYou silently crying!To hide that you’re in painand nobody knows that you’re hurting.