God’s Love and Mercy

(1) Our Vision in life can be impaired and clouded by many things.
(2) Our Vision in life can be repaired and recovered by God’s grace.

  • There is more to life than this life. It is ETERNITY.
  • The most important vision is SPIRITUAL VISION – the ability to see life and everything in light of God’s word, His will and and in view of His eternal purposes.
  • The biggest picture in life is GOD, His WORD and His ETERNAL PURPOSE.
  • Don’t interpret the seasons in your life as though it is everything. Don’t interpret life through your pain. Rather, INTERPRET YOUR LIFE IN LIGHT OF GOD’s PURPOSES.
  • Stay safe. STAY IN FAITH.
  • The attacks of the enemy are meant to CHALLENGE OUR FAITH AND LOYALTY TO GOD.
  • When we are impaired in our spiritual vision, IT LIMITS US. We can no longer see clearly. Our commitment to God is affected.
  • Our vision in life is clarified when WE SEEK GOD.
  • If you have frustrations, BRING THEM TO GOD.
  • A REAL YOU IS INSIDE YOU. God has put eternity in the hearts of men.
  • The love and mercy of God is FREE FOR ALL. Would you avail it?

In this time that most people fear Covid19, we are desperate to avail alcohol, face masks and medicines. That we forget the most important thing to avail.

SALVATION (God’s love and mercy). It is free. Receive it.