Look at me now
Full of sorrow
Can’t hide sadness
Coz of heartaches

You brought me
Tears and swollen
I almost give up
Fallen apart

But yet you are there
You never leaves me
Brightest test calls
Yet you are dark at side

You’re shadow reminds
Of me to be the light
So you can see it
And you exists

My pains hides by you
You hear me crying
You seen my sadness
Still you embraced me

You brought me into dark
So I know to shine
On this world
To be your light

To light up your path
And never be lost
Throughout my journey
Travel and be part of it


Do not Love ME

Do not love me, my friend
Like your shadow
Shadows fade in the evening

And I will hold you
Until the cock crows.

Do not love me like pepper
It makes my belly hot
I cannot eat pepper
When I am hungry.

Do not love me like a pillow
One would meet in sleep
And not see each other
During the day.

Love me like a dream
For dreams are your life
In the night
And hope in the day.