Where Are You

Too hard to wake up in the morning,
That you are not besides me, my love.
I always find your caress,
Because I love you.

When I opened my eyes,
I see the light.
But my heart is in pain,
Crying and finding you.

Where are you???
I think of you everyday.
Hoping that you’ll go home,
I think our memories daily.

Weather may lapses,
My fondness will never change.
In times of my sadness,
I think of your tender face.

My life will abide,
Because you’re my life.
When the dawn is shining,
I want to see your smile.

The Ardent Of Life

Let’s glimpse the shine of morning;
Hope is bided and waiting.
Our deed is needed;
To accomplished the success of life.

Sometimes we get wrong;
It is not a buzzer to be upset.
But a button to learn from mistake;
Is an interest to open a door of hope.

Hope through the narrow of darkness;
Bother and fear are nowhere.
Because they bring a mini-light;
Courage, reserve through the narrow path.

Quite prayer is a guide;
Hope to be gracious and blissful.
Our fully blast is entail;
Because the Lord’s mercy is real.

The hall of hope is screaming;
Glimpse the ardent of life.
Darkness of hope is lightning;
And uphold the luck of hope.