The Wisdom of Silence

Be silent,
if you can’t say it
without screaming.

Be silent,
when you are
feeling critical

Be silent,
if your words could
damage a friendship

Be silent,
when you don’t
have all facts

Be silent,
if your words will
offend a person

Be silent,
if you would be ashamed
of your words later

Be silent,
if your words convey
the wrong impression

Be silent,
in the heat
of anger

Be silent,
when it is time
to listen

A meaningful
silence is always better
than meaningless words.

Noise of Silence

Being a shy type person
don’t know how to create a noise
always distant myself
Being alone is heaven for me

Silence is my strength
To shout my emotions
Creating my noise in silence
Is magic to me

Silence makes me loud
To shout my pains
It is a healer for me
Wounds healed through silence

Silence has an inner peace
Where the noise is present
To hear my heart’s echoes
And feel every beat

Noise of silence is harmful
It will destroy you
Deeper through your mind and soul
To feel your wounds

Create my noise through my silence
Is wonderful I make
To prove that I can rock my world
Enough to disturbs you

And know that I exists
I can be who am I
My silence was my noise
That you can be called

Silence on Dark

You won’t see me crying
You can’t hear me sobbing
I wanna be alone
Don’t want to feel alone

It’s crazy
I am hiding through
This dark
To concealed my pain

Hiding myself
From people degraded me
Feel me ashamed
They’re done so well

My silence on dark
Gives me peace
Gives me a power
To shower my emotions

Crying out loud
My pain,
My heartaches,
Until get tired.

Silence gives hope
To get more courage
To have strength
And be powerful

Face the next day
With authority
to hold myself
And hugged it tightly.